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What Doug Says is Fresh!
Los Angeles Fashion Week Recap...GenArt @ Style Fashion Week
Written by Doug Haley
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There is a lot of hype surrounding the GenArt Fresh Faces Show during LA Fashion Week. GenArt is an arts and entertainment organization that showcases emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists. Naturally, I was excited to see some trend forecasting and hopefully some thoughts provoking runway pieces.

 With so many well deserving and under-appreciated designers itching to have a presentation during LA Fashion Week, I looked forward to seeing who the GenArt team had selected to highlight as emerging artists. GenArt selected 3 designers that I was unfamiliar with to showcase full runway show collections: Crybaby Presents, Shaina Mote, and Korovilas.

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I found the whole show to be very underwhelming, both conceptually and visually. Crybaby Presents had a nifty 1950's theme that I found appealing, but the shows failed to show the designers in a unique light and the garments themselves were not strong enough to make a point worth remembering on their own. I did appreciate that the GenArt team decided to film short 3-5 min. documentaries on the designers themselves prior to the show starting as a mini biography, to familiarize the audience with the aesthetic and brand that was about to hit the stage.

The Shaina Mote collection was hyper casual, flowing silhouettes in monochromatic clothes certainly looked California comfortable. As for Korovilas  I was impressed with the tailoring and gorgeous silhouettes. She is without question a talented designer who should not be overlooked.

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In an over saturated market of fashion I applaud GenArt for showcasing emerging designers who often do not get the respect or spotlight that they deserve however I think GenArt might want to send some undercover employees out into the streets of LA to find emerging fashion designers who are more creative and more in touch with the art/fashion aesthetic. I know they exist: one only needs to attend a a StayDripped event in Downtown Los Angeles to see where the future of LA Fashion lives.

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Cara Fox said...

Spot on with your critique. If they were smart they'd hire you to find the future trends of fashion.