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Summer 2015 Featurette

Many times do I write these letters and then I let the voices in my head get the best of me and I have a break down - its so big I to take a break from the Stylist Handbook (which is this projects biggest set back) and ask myself some really hard questions....

Like at what point do you give up on a project and at what point do you keep on fighting to make it work?!?!

My answer is always a gloomy I don't know. I feel like when others ask me questions about their own projects I have plenty of answers and advice. However, giving yourself advice that brings on change and inspiration, well if that worked we'd all live very different lives.

With that said I'm looking for feedback from those of you who follow this blog and project, I'm going to make it simple and ask that you comment below or on our Facebook postings / page.

As a guideline here are a couple questions:

What does the name the Stylist Handbook say to you? (e.g. whats in a name, what would your first thought be after hearing the name)

What are you favorite topics or stories that we post about? 

Do you want product discounts and info about events in your city? 

Which social media platform do you like using to follow the Stylist Handbook?

Lastly, for those of you who do answer any one or all of these questions I will be sending you two FREE gifts one is a copy of the Summer Featurette and secondly a FREE strapless panty from Shibue Couture, www.shibuecouture.com! (I will contact you directly or email us to give us your size, and mailing address - thestylisthandbook@gmail.com)


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