Fashion | The Best Instagram & Red Carpet Looks | Emmys 2015

Laura Prepon
Instagram has created a social media and social movement by showing us the behind the scenes and staged lives of people all of the world, traditional or internet famous. Its a moment inside these people actual lives. While I watched the Emmys and was excited to see Jon Ham, Regina King, Viola Davis, Peter Dinklage, Jon Stewart and Amy Schumer all take home Emmys. 

Juiliana Racic
Sofia Vergara
Mindy Kaling
Emmy Rossum

On the red carpet my favorites trends where limited to two ladies with similar loves but uniquely beautiful dresses. First, I love Camila Alves moment in a white cut out nude under lay gown with modest cuts and a feminine curl huging shape with a mermaid train. Next is Juliana Rancic looking like a Disney Princess in this similar cut petal pink gown, the detail up close its beautifully embellished with beads and flowers. Both ladies have a middle part, sleek straight long locks of hair. These ladies hit the mark for the most lady like fashion. Oh and lastly is Laura Prepon, her dress would be worn by my dark and romantic alter-ego, I love that she was bold with her choice. 

Camila Alves

Giuliana Rancic 

Laura Prepon


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