Artful Nude Photos of American Athletes Published in ESPN Body Issue 2015

The words body issues stir up emotions and insecurities. Everyone has them, women and men are both quick to point out what they don't like about their body. Yet we know no single human being is absolutely perfect, yet when we see others with "perfect" bodies we get envious and make ourselves feel bad about our own bodies. Why is that? 

Many people assume thoses with "perfect bodies" know they have perfect bodies and find absolutely nothing wrong with their bodies. Here is the crazy truth, after working with models and celebrities for eight years, almost everyone has some insecurity about their body. Yes they can show it off, put it on display. However, many always find something they want to change, its just human nature to want more or better. So don't be so hard on yourself when it comes to your body. Embrace the beauty in the uniqueness that is the body that you current take up residence in. Its the only one you'll ever have in this lifetime so might as well enjoy its unique beauty and take care of it.

These images from the ESPN's body issue are just amazingly gorgeous, not just the people in them but they way they were shot, its easy to take a nude photo, its hard to take a classy, artful nude photo that celebrates the human form and its abilities. I feel inspired by the woman athletes more then the men for obvious reasons. However, now is a great and shitty time for women, we are starting to show we play and work just as hard as the boys and that we are equally human, yet women still don't have equal rights in this world and even more disturbing this Country. Finding out that the Winning World Cup Women's Soccer team gets paid 20 times less then the losing mens team is down right disrespectful.  The awful truth has to with ratings and sponsorships. Did those women play any less or work out and practice less then the men. No! Yet, once more people start respecting female's for their talents and stop with gender roles that a womens place belong anywhere other than whatever job they wish to hold in their lifetime. Once we accept that we are all equal and can be educated to do any job regardless of gender then there will be no pay gap based on gender just on skill.


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