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Tide Sequins $69.95, Tide Rhinestone $69.95, Tide II $64.95, Tide Floral $64.95

*additional styles and colors available on

How many people talk about or complain about back problems - issues with their feet, ankles, heals, the list goes on... I know I have a couple of these issues. The last time I wore my insanely HIGH high-heels, I got cramps in my feet in just 5 minutes of walking in them. Ouch! 

I played soccer for 12 years when I was a kid, and had a major foot injury one year that changed my feet forever. To top it off I have a slight curve in my spine. Like the millions of other people in the world I have back pain, also associated with foot pronation and other issues as well. 

I'm a Californian and we live in flip flops, wear then everywhere, at the gym in the shower, to the park, the beach, you get the point. I've tried many brands that are notorious in California, however I've still never worn a flip flop like Vionic. It's support and comfort where impressive, I believe I've noticed a difference since I began wearing them.

Plus the comfort, Vionic flip flops are stylish with select styles in your basic staple colors or straps with your preference of bling. I personal opted for the navy blue with rhinestone in honor of memorial day and I plan to wear them for the big Family 4th of July party too!  


Most flip-flops are notoriously bad for your feet, but Vionic offers this go-to summer staple in a form that is actually good for you. Vionic's flip flops give a whole new meaning to comfort and are the ONLY flip flops endorsed by both the American Pediatric Medical Association (APMA) and renowned integrative medicine doctor, Andrew Weil, MD. 

Unlike traditional flip flops which cause feet to flatten against their natural form, Vionic toe-post sandals hug the arch of your foot so that feet stay in proper alignment. With Vionic's podiatrist-designed, supportive Orthaheel Technology, the gravitational forces that cause the arch of the feet to collapse can be reversed, raising them back into their neutral position helping to re-align the entire leg and preventing plantar fasciitis, so wearers can move dynamically in complete comfort as intended.

Tide Flip Flop (floral, sequin, original, rhinestone) $64.95+

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