The First Makeup Color Search Engine from FaceCake is ShadeScout!

FaceCake Marketing Technologies recently launched ShadeScout — a new app that uses color search technology and your smartphone's camera to capture your favorite colors and produce matching cosmetics from 40 of mass and luxury brands, which are then available to try-on in real-time (using your front-facing camera, no photo uploads necessary!). After perfecting your look, you can even buy products directly from the app. With ShadeScout, your mobile device becomes your own virtual beauty counter! 

Is your favorite shade of lipstick being discontinued? Find that exact shade from another brand in seconds. Or your favorite flowers are just the perfect shade of pink? 

Ready to Splurge? Before you invest in the designer makeup of your dreams, make sure the color is right for you? Or love that color on your favorite celebrity? Find it with ShadeScout! 

A Safer Way to Try On Make-Up: ShadeScout lets you try on make-up without having to worry!

Download the app (for free) at the iTunes or Google Play store!


New Mobile Beauty App Instantly Finds Makeup to Match Any Color, Anywhere 

CALABASAS, CA, APRIL 13, 2015 -- Forget search terms and get ready for search colors as FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc. announced today the launch of ShadeScout™, the cosmetics color search mobile app that enables consumers to find products in the colors that inspire them. A pioneer in augmented reality, FaceCake is reinventing the way people shop for cosmetics by combining its color search technology, signature Virtual Try-On capabilities and built-in purchase features to create a mobile, immersive shopping experience. ShadeScout is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. 

Whether admiring the color of a celebrity's lipstick in a magazine or a flower in a garden, ShadeScout allows consumers to use their mobile device to capture any color they see and quickly and easily locate its cosmetic counterpart. Using proprietary color search technology, ShadeScout sorts through an unlimited number of products from more than 40 major and luxury beauty brands and instantly delivers direct product matches in any makeup category. From eyeshadow and blush, to lipstick, foundation and more, ShadeScout enables shoppers to find and virtually try on any product and make a purchase directly from the app. Consumers can also take selfies, receive personalized recommendations, and get feedback from family and friends through the easy in-app social sharing option. 

"With ShadeScout, you have the ability to instantly find products that match any color you see, from a celebrity's red carpet look to a bouquet of fresh roses. You don't need to have product information to find that perfect match; ShadeScout finds it for you," said Linda Smith, Founder and CEO of FaceCake. "A search engine for today's shoppers, ShadeScout makes it easy to find the products you want, virtually try them on, share them with friends, buy items, and is with you wherever you go."

Selected as one of 18 innovators to define 2015 at CES, FaceCake creates interactive shopping experiences that consumers have previously only dreamed of. Transforming the retail landscape by marrying the traditional shopping experience with technological innovation, Linda Smith founded FaceCake nearly a decade ago and under her creative vision, its shopping platform, which includes the Swivel® Virtual Dressing Room, Swivel® Close-Up and the Digital Beauty Bar, is leading the convergence of fashion and technology today. 

About FaceCake

FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc., creator of Swivel®, Swivel® Close-Up, Digital Beauty Bar and more, is a leader in augmented retail with a personalized, cross-device, targeted marketing platform. Combining patented technologies with intuitive user interfaces, FaceCake's innovations in Try-On allow consumers to virtually try individual or multiple products on their own images in real time, while instantly providing relevant product recommendations within each user session for superior personalization. With billions of product Try-Ons, FaceCake is expert at eliminating traditional shopping barriers, and delivering immersive engagement that carries customers through decision points. In-store and at-home solutions are also cross-device compatible, making FaceCake's shopping platform accessible from anywhere. The privately held company is based in Calabasas, CA. 

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