PRO-FILE Electric Nail File for Professional Manicurist

An electric nail file drill is a tool used by manicurist to complete a set of acrylic or artificial nails for a client. The unit consist of two large components such as a hand-piece and a control box. Foot petal controls can also be used with the control box as well. Drill bit made in different textures and materials are then inserted into the tip of the hand-piece (or the chuck) and used during the nail filing process. Each drill bit has a specific purpose for a rough or smooth finish.

The PRO-FILE electric nail file drill is manufactured by the previous manufacturers of the top selling drills in 2012 and subsequent years. The drill is designed with you, the manicurist, in mind and built to last many years into your career. Furthermore, the PRO-FILE comes with a one year warranty and affordable extended warranty options.

Here is a video of a manicurist using an electric nail file drill. There are many uses for the drill and not just nails as you will see in the video.


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