City Soles Launches Kickstarter Campaign where you can become the Designer of your own Shoe line!

Scott Starbuck of City Soles, an independently owned artisan footwear retailer, seeks to create the documentary Telling the Real Story of Artisan Shoes.

The KickStarter campaign launched April 21, and has already raised $9,400 towards the $30,000 goal. The documentary will tell the story of artisan shoemakers from around the world including the conflicts they face in a fast fashion world.

Starbuck offers backers exclusive and unique offerings for supporting the documentary. View the KickStarter campaign, here.

Kickstarter Campaign

· Ever want to create your own shoe line? A $5,000 pledge will give you access to work with Italian manufacturers and have the finished product sold at City Soles.

· A $2,500 pledge will give you two pairs of custom, handmade Italian shoes from a designer featured in the documentary along with a hand signed certificate of authenticity from the designer.

· A $1,000 pledge earns you the title Associate Producer, and your name in the opening credits. You will also be a VIP guest at the documentary launch party in Chicago.

About City Soles:

City Soles is a designer shoe boutique and online retailer featuring unique fashion footwear for men and women from across the globe. City Soles seeks to provide sophisticated, luxurious, and all-around avant-garde merchandise to their customers.

Scott Starbuck

Scott's Journey

Scott Starbuck has been bringing kick ass, artisan shoes to the masses for thirty years through his Chicago institution, City Soles. Throughout the years, he’s gotten to know third, fourth and fifth generation artisans that have been pouring their blood, sweat and tears into a shared passion for high-quality footwear. As an expert on the indie footwear industry, Scott is the perfect person to help tell the story of what it takes to produce an authentic, original, artisan pair of shoes.
Telling The Story

There's a huge difference between the way a mass market shoe and a piece of artisan footwear is produced, but no one has told the story of the process from start to finish. We want to bring that story to theaters, laptops and living rooms across the world so everyone can see the the heritage, hard work and creativity that goes into a pair of artisan footwear.
About The Project

The goal of this project is to raise the funds we’ll need to make a documentary that tells these passionate artisan footwear stories from small brands fighting the good fight against huge corporations. We're going to travel to three different countries (Italy, Spain and Mexico), roll up our sleeves and get personal with the artisans and the footwear they create throughout all steps of the process. We'll sleep on floors, hit up friends and do whatever it takes to save money, but it's still gonna take resources to get a full crew all the way across the world and back to tell this amazing story. In return for your support, we've created some awesome rewards:

The Crew & The Plan

The project is going to be a blast to put together for you guys but it's also going to take a ton of work. Our crew is ready to make it happen and we will do whatever it takes to come back with the most compelling and educational content possible. It's not going to be easy but we're going to make it happen and it should take us about 6 months from start to completion along with some footage mixed in from trips in the past that will help tell the story.

Risks and challenges

This project will no doubt be a challenge but its one that for me has been about 30 years in the making. I've traveled all over the world and visited many of these factories before so I am familiar with the lay of the land. I've developed relationships with many of these artisan designers and I really think this will help mitigate much of the potential risks of the documentary.

The challenge will be to put it all together in a timely manner in something that really captures the talent and genuineness of these artisan designers. It's a big responsibility that I'm putting on myself to really allow these stories to be told and to show the world where true talent is coming from in the footwear industry.
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