6 Conscious Birthday Gifts for Stylish Ladies

Today, is my birthday, it marks the start of a new year, a new set of goals and renewed sense of purpose. As a stylist, writer and artist, my emotional center drives me. Same with many other women, we turn to fashion and style to either feel good or inspire the crowd.

Personally, I want to inspire through action and creation. The Stylist Handbook began five years ago and I feel I'm finally just getting started with what I really want to see happen for this project. My goal has always been to uplift and inspire. However, I wish to do it on a immense premise, that truly has a positive impact for the holistic whole of humanity.

With all that said, her are my picks for the best birthday gifts that inspire change, create confidence and impact sustainability. My first pick is in support of small (local) artist, such as Jessica Durrant, a fashion artist from Atlanta who sells her work on Etsy.

2. Mila Sleeve Double Slitted Maxi Dress by Frock Los Angeles Sustainable Designs made with 95% Bamboo, 100% Eco-Friendly vegetable dye

3. Notch Stitch Poncho from Indigenous, made from Alpaca with low-impact dye, by Fair Trade Artisans in Peru. 

5. Soy Candles with Essential Oils of Lemongrass & Ylang Ylang, that are vegan, chemical free and no fragrance.

Lastly, please made donations on the Birthday girls behalf for Nepal earthquake relief at either SAVE the CHILDREN here or you can participate in a really fun auction that has tickets to great events in the Fashion Industry called Fashion for Nepal


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