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TSH's Doug Haley, talks to America's Next Top Model Judge Kelly Cutrone

We are mere few hours away from the season premier of America's Next Top Model Cycle 20: Girls vs Guys and anticipation is high.  Earlier this month I had a the opportunity to speak with ANTM veteran judge, author and Los Angeles based fashion publicist, Kelly Cutrone, about this season's unexpected new addition, working side-by-side with Tyra Banks and of course, the drama.

This season of ANTM promises to be one for the books. Beginning twist: male models.  For the first time in the show's lengthy history, male models now have the opportunity to compete to become America's Next Top Model. When asked about the male model casting process, Cutrone commented," We looked for models, not just high fashion, we wanted hot men. We weren't looking for bathing suit models or a one-note male model." She further joked, "The male models did make a bet about what judges they wanted to sleep with any why--the ones who picked me I favored after that."

As if the catwalk isn't tight enough between the ladies, the addition of male models can instantly mean more drama."The boys were really nice overall, which I think puts them at a disadvantage against these girls," Cutrone said. "Sometimes the boys forget that its a competition. The girls never do."  Cutrone also noted that the girls tend to be far more cunning and manipulative than the boys. 

Male models aren't the only new element. Audiences should be prepared for are some highly provocative photo shoots this season, including a co-ed make-out session, which of course means kicking the drama up a notch. But how much of the model's drama is seen by the judges? Surprisingly not too much. According to Cutrone, none of the judges are allowed to see any footage of the model's antics while inside the house, because it might alter their opinions about the contestants. She said there have been a handful of contestants in the past that they thought were really nice girls, but after watching the aired episodes and witnessing them in the house behaving like animals they were absolutely shocked. 

When asked who are some interesting contestants we will meet this season, two automatically came to mind for Cutrone. "Marvin. Marvin just wants to be loved," she said. "He's from New York City and he sold his sneaker collection to get to the audition. His Dad is a janitor and they just didn't have any money. He has these big floppy ears and then when he gets in front of the camera, he has striking shots. I think he surprised everyone. And then there is Jeremy, a Christian virgin who still manages to hold out and keep his virginity, I think."

Model behavior won't be the only thing watched this season. There is no doubt that audiences love watching the judges, especially queen bee Tyra Banks."I spend most of my time sitting behind Tyra on the judging panel. I get to look at her booty for a long time, I think she looks really good from the behind," Cutrone said, "I've never met a model who is so in touch with every fiber of her being. She is VERY busy too.  Between shots she has assistants on the side running her empire with her.  A remarkable thing about Tyra is that she has no cue cards. Everything she speaks is genuine, there are no cue cards at all!  She just gets up on stage and does it".
Cutrone said she is incredibly excited about this season's guest judge, comedian and musician Reggie Watts.  In true Watts fashion, he was able to trick the models, concealing his true identity, by pretending to be a very famous French fashion photographer.

Like everything Cutrone does, she takes her work as an ANTM judge seriuosly. "I love shaping delusion into determination," she said.  Cutrone realizes that this show really can open doors very quickly for people who are able to take advantage of that. It's a way out of the mid-west, or the deep south for a lot of contestants and she sincerely appreciates the opportunity to be able to mentor and guide the contestants and help them to understand what the world of fashion and modeling really is all about.

"I don't like the kids who think they know everything," she further commented, "Those kids who are eighteen [years-old]  from Mississippi and think they know everything...its like why are you here?  Everyday, they are taken out by A-list people in the industry and taught how to work and even how to live.  Does everyone make the most of it?  No. They are bad listeners and their ego gets in the way."

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20: Girls vs Guys 
Season Premier airs tonight, August 2nd at 8:00pm/7:00 PM CT on the CW

Wanting your model fix now? Click here to watch to official CW ANTM Cycle 20 trailer.

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