Make-up Debut Aug 9th | Sephora Partners with Designer Marc Jacobs #beautydebut

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Marc Jacobs Make-up For Sephora
Written by: Schatzie Miller 

Even faces can't hide from Marc Jacobs. The New York based fashion designer, struck a deal with beauty retail titan Sephora to produced a makeup line, set to hit stores this Friday, August 9th. With the financial success of his expanding perfume collection, including Lola and Daisy, Jacobs' make-up collection will be debuting with high anticipation.
Designer Marc Jacobs 

"It's the art of getting dressed and creating one's identity," Jacobs told the Wall Street Journal. "Makeup is the finishing accessory."

As a purveyor of make-up and hair trends (who can forget the ultra-high bun from Spring 2010) Jacobs had already acquired the attention and adoration of beauty gurus.  But with this adoration, comes competition and the current competition is stiff.

"Everyone wants a piece of the pie," Karen Grant, a global industry analyst for the market research company, NPD Group, told The Seattle Times on Sunday. "You still have a lot of play coming from the historical legacy brands like your Estee Lauders and Elizabeth Ardens, but the designers are definitely driving some of the innovation and statements."

With houses such as Tom Ford, YSL, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana leading the designer make-up market and with newly announced lines from Lanvin for LancĂ´me and Michael Kors, it seems that standing out is going to be absolutely crucial.

Failure to stand out in the beauty market has claimed some of fashion's most beloved, such as Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Furstengburg. Critics are predicting that Jacobs already embedded flare for starting make-up and hair trends will translate into a selling product.

The 120-piece make-up collection will be priced from $18 to $78 dollars and features ultra-sleek, black lacquered packaging - inspired by Jacobs' living room table - and bearing fun names like "Boy Tested Girl Approved" and "Lust for Laqucer Lip Vinyl."

Take a Closer Look at the Marc Jacobs Beauty Line Selections
Source: WWD | Photo by: John Aquino
Source: WWD Photo by: John Aquino

Source: WWD Photo by: John Aquino


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