Fahion: Men's Fashion Week S/S 2014 | Re-Cap London

The DARKSIDE of Spring 
Written by: Doug Haley

This year's Men's S/S Fashion Week in London was characterized primarily by refined staple pieces. Most collections seemed to embody the safe, simple and elegant clothes often seen by Rag and Bone and Band of Outsiders. These two brands may not be British in origin, but very much embody the modern, stylish, charm of a modern British gentleman.

At the top of my list is the Bobby Abley collection. I found this collection to be incredibly charming, and well thought out. The models hit the runway donned Disney inspired pieces showcasing the theme of a modern prince (crown and all). The rub-off tattoo sleeves some of the models had was a very creative idea to go along with the theme, blending childhood memories into modern fashion. The show of course ended with the last model walking down the runway in a shirt that read two words: "The End" Brilliant!

Bobby Abley SS/14 
TopMan didn't hit a home run for me. Choosing to focus their collection around heavily embroidered Western Americana inspired button ups in blinding metallic shades, their collection lacked originality, which ended up leaving me uninspired. I was disappointed in the cut chosen for the trousers. In a season full of handsome tailored pants, these uncomfotably loose pants seem to discourage the rest of the outfit. Fashion writer Tim Blanks  discribed the look as "more glam rockabilly than noble frontiersman [cowboy]." Blanks further commented, "Accents of gold and silver, and intricate, delicate embroideries on black silk jackets suggested gilded youth—less home on the range, more night in a club—an impression that was heightened by the masterful styling." Why they choose to  incorporate Night at the Roxbury with Hey Dude, is still a mystery.

Topman SS/14
I appreciated the modern simplicity of the Kay Kwok show, which seemed to embody street wear along with gender-bending silhouettes. Constructed leather in shades reflecting the grey to black color scale, Kay Kwok provided looks that appeared to be the antithesis of Spring. While other designer's palette overflowed with delicious hues and decadence  I found Kay Kwok's clean minimalism to be refreshing. 

Kay Kwok SS/14
The Craig Green collection was unmistakably eye catching. While some of the looks were way off target for me, one cannot deny it was an interesting, and brave show. The explosion of color was reminiscent of a package of C-4 detonating in a tie-dye factory. Where his collection lacked in conventional wearablitity, it gave plenty of inspiration and wonder.

Craig Green SS/14
Of course it wouldn't be Fashion Week in London without Burberry -  one of the most recognizable British fashion house. Sadly, there was nothing unexpected this year from Burberry. They opted for a playful, and safe collection with pops of bold colors. I was starting to enjoy some of their more wild and whimsical pattern work but it seems they have pushed that to the side and gone back to basic staples for the time being, while giving new takes on classic cuts.

Burberry S/S 14 

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