Volume 4 Emerging Talent Full Issue Released | July 5th @Stylist_Book #FashionMagazine #TSHVolume4


Written by: Devon de la Poer

This Volume has been different than any other issue we have released in the past. Each volume we release really signifies the next phase in the development of the project. And we are a great project! Started by a community of artists all brought together under the same love of our trades and skills. Its taken us time to get it right and also provide something new, cutting edge and ahead of the digital game (at least positioning ourselves to be on the forefront of whats happening) in the world of fashion, beauty and style all platformed by the Internet and Social Media! 

The Stylist Handbook is fashion’s resource for living with style. Developed and maintained by individuals within the styling community to provide an ultimate resource and guide for style. These professionals include fashion stylists, photographers, models/talent, designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, publicists, bloggers and muses. This community facilitates educational content that believes in positive influence, to inspire style that celebrates the art and impact created by the fashion community.

Our Mission is to gather and educate people on how to live with fashion, style and beauty. By providing a comprehensive resource for fashion seekers that further improves the quality of their lives and others through fashion and style!

In this Volume we celebrate the art of fashion and the emerging talent behind, and in front of, the camera. From the photographers, fashion stylists, beauty artists, and the muses that keep us inspired by their personalities and talent. We feature cover girl Lexi Ainsworth, a budding actress, with her beautiful 10 page spread of gorgeous images. All of this was shot at two different locations by three different photographers. We are also featuring actress Kate Kelton, whom you can expect to take on the star role in our dark fashion film “THE VOID,” with french actress Cecile Delepiere providing the voice over for the film. We got devious with actress Mariana Klaveno in the Silverlake Hills of Los Angeles while discussing her new role in Lifetime’s new series “Devious Maids.” We are charmed by singers Gabrielle Wortman and Shelea Frazier, as well as bloggers and models who’ve starred in our numerous fashion stories. After you’ve picked your jaw up from the floor over the classic inspiration of these pages you’ll find yourself near the end of this volume, where we have provided our new features index which highlights the talent, people, and locations that have contributed to this release.
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