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Fashion’s fearless designer with an impeccable eye for what women really want!

It’s becoming increasingly impossible not to know his name in the Los Angeles fashion scene. The undeniable genius that has become the topic of many conversations and captivator of the eyes that fixate upon his work – is none other than ready-to-wear and couture womens designer, Adolfo Sanchez.

The Orange County native of Mexican American decent fell in love with fashion at a young age. Unsure of his approach to partake in the field, he applied for a sales position at Gianni Versace and got the job. The work that he was putting in as he climbed the retail ladder working for various high-end brands led him to finding his niche. It didn’t take long for him to realize where he wanted to be as a focus evolved around the idea of building his own label.

Adolfo describes himself as someone who enjoys working, laughing and not taking life too serious. But what has become quite serious is that someone of his talent that possesses a flare for impeccable design – has made him quite a “BIG” deal in the industry.

It was his dress that made onlookers take a second look at pop sensation Ke$ha who made history as she graced the cover and feature pages of Vibe magazine’s October/November 12’ issue as the first living female Caucasian artist to land a solo cover for the publication. To keep the momentum going, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it was only fitting for our “Emerging Talent” cover girl, Lexi Ainsworth to be dressed in an Adolfo Sanchez piece as she too radiates wearing one of his gowns.

“Who I am as a designer is a free spirited, art loving, open minded individual. I love all things that are beautiful and intricate. I'm interested in sharing a part of my mind with the world through fashion” says Sanchez. Indeed, he has been doing just that since the 2006 launch of his namesake ready-to-wear line that continues to cater to stylish women that love and appreciate sexy, sophisticated designs with an edge. Out of all the women he could choose from to design a dress for, Adolfo notes style icon and artist, Daphne Guinness as his pick. "I love her obsession and personal approach to fashion and style" he explains.

Spending time focused on designing – enjoying the idea of bringing his garments and collection to life from a concept, idea or sketch, we were curious as to the inspiration behind Adolfo's personal style. He honestly admitted that he feels as though he doesn't get enough time to focus on his own style but loves combining the classic look of a 1930's man with a dark edge. A unique blend that is favorable and very suitable for the young visionary.

Sanchez’s Autumn/Winter 13’ collection made an astonishing mark as it embraced the runway of Nolcha Fashion Week in New York. It encompasses an eclectic mix of everything from sheer and lace ensembles to fur coats, silk taffeta fabrics, leather and ombré sequin details, just to name a few. With versatility in mind, a new division of the collection features cashmere turned outerwear and interestingly all the pieces that include fur can be snapped off from the original garment so it can also be worn in separate pieces.



In concurrence with a distinguished, elegant yet mysteriously edgy color palette of black, gold, bronze, gray and pops of rich color such as a deep burgundy and charismatic navy blue – wearers are sure to be taken back to Old Hollywood Glamour with a Rock AND Roll twist.

Not only is Adolfo a designer and influencer in Fashion, but he is also the co-owner of 360EMA, a talent management, marketing and PR company that was developed alongside his partner Sergey Knazev – where of course the Adolfo Sanchez collection is housed. The brand takes pride in extending its duties far beyond those of regular management, PR and media companies by offering brand development, licensing, sales, product placement, celebrity endorsements and much more.

As for what's next on his list – Adolfo expressed, "The next step in taking the brand to the next level is shoes. I love the idea of an "Adolfo Sanchez: Head-to-Toe Look". We are in the first steps of developing shoes for the brand and should have a few samples ready to show in September 2013 New York Fashion Week."

With a multitude of respectable skill, our Emerging Designer Talent, Adolfo Sanchez will continue to stay relevant and an inspiration to many who aspire to join him on his creative path.


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