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FASHION STYLIST: Julie Matos Styles Actress Lindsay Morgan for the Daytime Emmy Awards

Written By: Doug Haley

What goes into getting ready for the Emmy's? Why I recently asked myself this question, I was delighted when I was invited to attend the dress fitting for actress Lindsey Morgan with Fashion Stylist Julie Matos. It was my pleasure to accept this invitation and do a story on the behind the scenes for you lovely people. Lindsay is best known for her role as "Kristina Corinthos Davis" in General Hospital and she was nominated for Outstanding Younger Actress at this year's Daytime Emmy Awards.  A dream client, in the sense that I can't image any article of clothing would look less than amazing on her stellar body. With a tiny 25 inch waist any dress in a sample size was perfect right off the showroom rack. Many actresses have to deal with gowns and garments being in sample size which is typically a 2/4 depending on the designers target market. But everything looks amazing on Lindsay!

Photo by Doug Haley
Photo by Doug Haley

So as the ladies whirled through dresses I quickly captured some shoots of potentials options to see how they would respond to the camera. Its also important to consider the camera lights or any lighting on the red carpet when picking out the perfect "moment" for the red runway! At the fitting Lindsey started with some brighter, more youthful gowns. (I really liked this blue and black pattern Vera Wang dress with the fish tail bottom.) 

Lindsey Morgan wearing Source: 

An effortless girl to dress - her personal style is very hip, and young.  She went into a bold extreme to choose a dress that was incredibly elegant in a mature way.  She steered away from bright, bold colors and opted on the advice of her stylist to find a refined, subtle, super chic dress. Rafael Cennamo, the designer of the dress, knows how to command attention while hardly showing any skin.  It's effortless! The rouging effect near her legs gave the dress more definition and complexity. I asked her some questions about her own personal style while at the fitting:

DH: Who are your style inspirations for when you dress up / and in normal/everyday life?

LM: I definitely am pretty on the go and live out of my car... So when I can manage to get out of my yoga attire I am laid back, effortless. I'd say I love Halle berry's or Jessica biels clean, simple chic for everyday. But when I go out I definitely like to have fun and go daring, I love rhianna's style but I am the much tamer, on a budget version!

DH: Where are some unique places where you find inspiration as an artist, that might be abnormal or unique to you?

LM: The dark depths of the Internet at 3 am always has something fun to find...but I love to people watch. The varying neighborhoods totally lend itself to that in LA, be it Venice or downtown. But Instagram has become a scrolling magazine for me now.

DH: Do you have any style icons, past or present?

LM: I still hope to grow up and be Diana Ross one day. I just think the diva look seems so fun, completely impractical but who wouldn't want all that hair and glitter!?

DH: If you win the Emmy, for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series, do you know where in your dwelling the Emmy will reside?

LM: In my purse, so it will be with me at all times. 

Julie Matos, from CloutierRemix was the key stylist for this look. So I took the opportunity to ask Julie some questions about celebrity styling:

DH: What aspect of your job makes you feel the most creative?

JM: I tend to feel the most creative when I'm in a project where I can design custom pieces for it. Sourcing fabric, designing making patterns—I get the highest satisfaction knowing my hands have had major part in the project above and beyond simply styling pieces together.

DH: Where are some unique, unusual or un-orthodox places that you find inspiration for your art?

JM: Recently one of my girlfriend's daughters made an entire line of dresses out of paper. She's 10! Everyone looks at people in their 20s for inspiration but I love the way a 10 year old puts things together. Its fun, fresh and comes from an un-trained eye.

DH: Are you ever in a position where a client might love something for a red-carpet or live appearance that you know is awful, or distasteful and you have to change their opinion on that statement or piece because it might reflect on you?

JM: As a stylist it's my job to make sure my client looks amazing. I have to see the big picture: How will it photograph, has it been worn before? Is it appropriate for the event? What's in trend? What will set my client apart from everyone else? So if it's a piece or a look that I don't feel is up to par in any of those buckets, then I need to advise my client on what the best look is for their event.

DH: Whats the key to your success as a fashion stylist?

JM: My experience working on magazines--both niche and mass market--and on big brand advertising campaigns. It's so valuable to know how to work with a wide range of clients who have an equally wide range of different needs. It broadens your skill set.

Final thought - Although Lindsey did not win the Emmy (this year), she won the red carpet without question. I applaud her willingness to stand out on and make an impression that wasn't expected.

Keepin' It Fresh,

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