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Mariana Klaveno: A Star on the Rise
Written By: Lyndsay Michelle

Most would recognize her as Lorena Ball of True Blood, but few would guess that Mariana Klaveno is much more driven for success than she is for blood. Let's face it, in Hollywood finding someone who has the heart, the backup, the talent and beauty is a rare find. Mariana is a charismatic woman with the drive and talent to turn her name into a household conversation piece. In fact, you will be seeing more of her later this year when Lifetime premires Devious Maids.

When interviewed, Mariana illustrated that not only is she gifted and easy on the eyesbut she is also thoughtful, genuine and someone who is on the rise as she is just getting started in this business. Her responses provide insight as to all the reasons why she will be a face more and more of us will come to know and recognize.

Here's the full interview:

LM: Who is Mariana Klaveno as an actor?

MK: Wow, that’s an intimidating question! I can describe who I want to
be as an actor. Versatile, mysterious, and honest. That’s a tall order, I
know, but those are some of the qualities I find most captivating in actors
and performances, so it’s what I strive for my own work. It’s good to have

LM: How did you get into acting?

MK: As far back as I can remember it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted
to do. I’m not sure where the desire came from, because no one in my
family is involved in anything remotely similar to acting. Luckily for me,
they’ve been extremely supportive all along the way. I studied theater
in college and then moved to Los Angeles right after graduation. Slowly
but surely I began to forge a career for myself.

LM: What do you love about your career?

MK: I love telling stories. I love entertaining an audience. It’s wonderful
to be able to do that. I know we’re not curing cancer, but I take pride in
giving people an experience. You also get to meet the most fascinating,
strange, and engaging people.

LM: What is your style, and why is fashion so important to what you do as
an actor?

MK: I consider my style to be pretty eclectic. Much like my preference
in acting, I am drawn to versatility. I love putting on a pair of comfortable
distressed jeans and a t-shirt bought from the merchandise table at a
concert, but I also love wearing red lipstick, pearls, and an Hermes scarf.

Fashion is extremely important to me as an actor. Fashion tells

stories just like any other art form. It’s how people present themselves
to the world, whether they are aware of it or not. When I’m approaching
a character, even for an audition, I always begin with the question, “What
is she wearing and why?" It’s my doorway into a character I suppose.
Even details such as a belt or choice of earring matters to me, because it
helps define who this woman is.

LM: Who are some of your favorite designers?

MK: For more casual separates I love Rag and Bone. Zac Posen and
Jason Wu are incredibly talented and I think what Phoebe Philo has
done at Celine is brilliant.

LM: What are you currently working on that you can tell us about?

MK: I’m currently working on Marc Cherry’s new show called Devious
Maids, which will be on Lifetime this summer. I play a self-obsessed
actress—so of course it’s a huge stretch for me. One of the best things
about my character is her sense of style. Our costume designer,
Roemehl Hawkins, has done a fantastic job putting together a killer
wardrobe for me. It’s an added perk to get to wear beautiful designer
clothes at work.

LM: What has been your favorite project so far and why?

MK: My favorite project so far has been True Blood. There are so many
things to love about that experience: the writing, the wonderful cast, Alan Ball.
The list could go on, but most of all I loved my character, Lorena. She was
such a tragically flawed character, as fragile as she was dangerous. She was
a criminal amount of fun to play, and she also knew how to dress.

What is criminal is that we have to wait to see Mariana's debut on Devious Maids... The show is set to premier Sunday, June 23rd at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. Viewing party at my place!!!

Lyndsay Michelle,
Fashion and Beauty Editor


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