Profile: Lindsay Yenter | Enzoani Bridal/Formal Wear Pre-Show Interview

Lindsay Yenter in Enzoani
Photo Credited to Bahareh Brittany Alaei-Johnson
Yenter and Enzoani "Take Flight"
Written By: Lyndsay Michelle

Lindsay Yenter, better known on the The Bachelor following as "The girl in the Wedding Dress" will host Enzoani's seventh annual fashion show entitled "Take Flight" on June 3, 2013 in Newport Beach. This exclusively decadent all day event boasts a sit down dinner, fashion show (at a secret location), dress sale, and special announcement from Enzoani's charity endeavor Brides for Boston; which will benefit those who have suffered due to the recent tragedy that occurred during the Boston Marathon. 

Before Yenter got too busy with her hosting responsibilities, we stole a few moments of her time to score the following interview with your favorite bridal gown wearing reality TV star:

Lyndsay Michelle: As a substitute teacher what drew YOU in to participating as a contestant on The Bachelor?

Lindsay Yenter: It's a funny story actually; my best friend signed me up without telling me! She made up a silly poem about how I am a General’s daughter looking for love. I was in shock when ABC contacted me!

LM: While on The Bachelor how did you determine what you would wear?

LY: Before I left for the show my good friend who loves fashion helped me shop and pick out my outfits ahead of time. I love the laid back girl-next-door look, with a splash of trendy pieces.

LM: Were there any fashion pieces or designers that you were particularly proud to wear during taping?

Lindsay Yenter in Enzoani
Photo Credited to Bahareh Brittany Alaei-Johnson
LY: Well of course I loved my Enzoani wedding dress I wore on the first night, but I also loved the blue skirt I wore on my date to the market in Thailand. The skirt is actually from Forever 21 - I think I bought out that store before I left. While I love designer pieces, I'm still really into bargain shopping...who doesn't love a good deal?!

LM: What inspired you to wear a wedding dress during night one of The Bachelor?

LY: I was actually really sick, so I had a sit down with the producers to talk about what I could do to make a big impression and then take it easy the rest of the night. So we put our heads together and next thing I knew I was in a wedding dress!

LM: How did you select the right wedding dress in preparation for the premiere of The Bachelor?

LY: It was actually completely last minute; I was given a bunch of dresses from ABC’s wardrobe department. It was really fun and I fell in love with the Enzoani dress right away!

LM: How many dresses did you try on before you found “the one”?

LY: Seven dresses!

LM: As the season 17 “Runner Up” what have you been doing since the end of the show?

LY: My life has been busy but amazing. I found a wonderful job, place to live and new man :) I couldn't be happier - not to mention my support system has remarkably grown. I am so thankful for how kind and loving everyone has been through all of this.
Lindsay Yenter in Enzoani
Photo Credited to Bahareh Brittany Alaei-Johnson
LM: There is a rumor that you have since found love, is this true? If so, are there any more trips to bridal salons in the near future planned?

LY: The rumors are true and I am happily in love. Right now we are not putting any pressure on our relationship and just enjoying each other’s company. Who knows where the future will bring us.

LM: If you could select your dream designer to make your wedding dress who would that designer be? Enzoani?

LY: Hands down Enzoani! I love their eye for detail and the way the dresses fit me.

LM: What fashion elements would you want to see in your dream wedding dress? (i.e. lace, train, satin, etc)?

LY: Only time will tell, but I am really looking forward to working with Enzoani on June 3rd hosting the red carpet at their annual runway show. It's going to be a night to remember!

LM: You were noted to have been in US Weekly as a model for Enzoani, is this a recurring role we should expect to see you in?

LY: Well, there will be plenty of surprises throughout the night and I am thrilled to be a part of it all. I LOVE, love, fashion and the whole idea of a romantic fairytale, so this event is really a great combination of all of those things. I am excited about sharing the 2014 line with everyone and to provide my own insights on wedding wear and the “big day.”

LM: As a take away from your appearance on The Bachelor and in this interview, what do you want the world to know about YOU, Lindsay, as a person?

LY: I am just a normal girl who was given a wonderful opportunity and I am so thankful for where life has taken me. I can't wait to see what's to come!

If you are looking for a bridal gown of your own or want to open your hearts and wallets to support Orange County's premier bridal gown designer, Enzoani, in the pursuit of making a difference in lives of those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing, please mark your calendars and join Lindsay Yenter for a day of bridal bliss on June 3rd in Newport Beach, California.

See you at the show,

Lyndsay Michelle
Fashion & Beauty Editor
Director of Special Events
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