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Kate Kelton wearing leather vest by Gita Salem,

FASHION FILM starring Kate Kelton THE VOID 
Written by: Devon de la Poer

Since I first heard the term fashion film I have been obsessed with the medium on a passionate level. Creating stories with images is an art form. I started my blogging career as a video journalist, doing interviews on camera. As I got deeper in the career fields of fashion I discovered fashion styling and editorial photo shoots. From there I started to realize the difference between an editorial and a fashion film. Ever since, I have been working hard to get my practice in directing and styling films or what people in the film biz call "Shorts." Most of my career has been a mix of producing a photo shoot while also producing a film during the same shoot but mostly informational or interviews. Today's photography cameras however can capture higher quality image and video footage then ever before, making it easier for people like me to be able to direct and style a fashion film with my fellow collaborators.

Starring - Kate Kelton
Voice Over - Cecile Delepiere
Producer / Fashion Director - Devon de la Poer
Post Visual Production - Adam VillaSenor
Camera Operator - Efren Beltran
Hair Stylist - Jessica Minton
Makeup Artist - Lauren Brown

This film was inspired by my young self, something deep and dark from my early teenage years and completely embodied through actress Kate Kelton's performance. I was introduced to poetry as a way to express my feels and words have such a huge impact on paper for me. My girlfriends and I had a book of poetry that we would share with each during passing classes. It was during these days I wrote the poem "You will never know" and half my life later would have never guessed it would be my inspiration for my debut short fashion film.

This one poem that I wrote at the ripe age of 14 years old was the darkest, deepest piece of literature I have written to date. So properly the film the poem was inspired by would need to be dark and feel painful in a way. Experiencing emotion so intensely that I memorized every word of the poem and can still resight it perfectly. To get further into the history behind the poem I do recall writing it after experiencing young love and heartbreak for the first time.

The film is completely me expressing myself, at almost 30 years old, through my 14 year old self or what I know or perceive of her now. What it was like to be here, know her and let her go. In a way, the film you captures the breakdown as it is occurring yet you feel a strong intensity and confidence coming from the character at the same time. A person in their darkness, experiencing hurt, pain and just completely stuck in their emotion strength. The insanity of it is almost creepy because you can feel the sadness through this unknown, almost confusing story of a lovely woman, beautifully dressed, in a cold room. I fear you might be left wanting more and truly get the feeling of being in THE VOID.

Poem "You will never know" written by Devon de la Poer
You will never know
How I feel inside
This burning and bleeding
That I cannot hide
An emptiness from without
That devours my soul
I try and hide it so deep inside
But without a doubt it will appear
Some day in some bad way
I know but you will never know

Actress Kate Kelton stars in a Fashion and Beauty Media, Inc. production in conjunction with Visual Grammr presented by the Stylist Handbook and featured in Volume 4. Voice over performed in French and translated by Cecile Delepiere. To find out more visit,
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