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Eco Friendly Fashion
Written By Lupita Woo

Happy Earth Day everyone! In an attempt to be conscience of Mother Earth we found some useful ways to make your closet a little more green. Finding Eco friendly fashion might sound like a stressful task mainly because we don't know what to look for or where. First of all, where do we find clothing that is Eco friendly? When I first started researching this topic that was my biggest question. Luckily, I was able to find some answers.  Here are a few tips that might help you fashionistas live a more sustainable Eco friendly lifestyle. 

Purchasing clothing from local designers is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Which basically means, it takes less fuel power for the clothes to get to you, the consumer. If our clothes are mostly produced in Asia, they have to make a trip across the Pacific before they get the States. Another way of looking at this is purchasing based on the material from which clothing is produced. Most clothes are made by with synthetic blends which petroleum is used and not exactly Eco friendly. So what is it what we want to look for ?

Choose more Eco friendly materials by looking for these key ingrediants:

Natural fibers- these are found in nature and are not produced with petroleum. 

Plant fibers- these are fibers that are made from cellulose. Cellulose is natural plant fibers that are cleaned to produced a product. The most common one is cotton. Other common ones are flax, hemp, bamboo, soy, corn and many others. 

Protein fibers- these are fibers that usually come from animals. Such as silk, 
angora, wool and cashmere. Not furs or leather. 

Man Made Materials- Lyocell and Polylactic acid fabrics man made but come from natural materials.

Recycled material- besides recycling milk jugs and cans you can also recycle materials. By doing this you can be recycled and turned into different fabric.

So where do we purchase:

H&M and actress/model, Vanessa Paradis, jointly designed a line at the beginning of the year that was solely Eco Friendly. This is probably one of the more well known debuts for an environmental conscience clothing line. Not only are big name like H&M are being more eco friendly but also Toms Shoes uses a lot of recycled materials. Not only are they giving us the consumer a product but they also help people around the world with their One for One charity.

Here are some online Eco boutiques:

The Green Loop - is one of the largest online Eco friendly stores  with various designers.
Not only does it provide you with a stylish clothes it also educated you on being one with Mother Nature.

LabelGazer - is by far my favorite. It has the latest trends avaliable without it seeming to be Eco Friendly.

Both of these sites provide education on the enviroment as well as a new way of looking at clothes. Being a fashionista I appreciate these two online boutiques for the clothing and insite they provide to the consumer.

Saving the environment is a huge undertaking which can be quite intimidating. I hope these simple tips helped you lead a more sustainable, Eco friendly lifestyle.

Until next time, Stay Gorgeous xoxo

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