Careers | What is a Visual Corporate Styling Assistant?

Written by Devon de la Poer

In the world of fashion styling there is more than just one title of speciality within visual styling. Like many careers you can work on the corporate side of the field or be a "freelancer," which really is you working as a small business owner. For those just starting out, working for the man might just be the smarter start for a student fresh out of school. Here is an example of the duties of a Visual Corporate Styling Assistant

  • Assists in the creation of all mannequin presentation directives for the stores.
  • Assists in the styling and accessorizing of all mannequins with the highest taste level in order to drive volume.
  • Assists in the transformation of concepts into window and/or interior mannequin directives
  • Works closely with the Corporate Stylist to insure the vision is properly communicated.
  • Photographs and compiles weekly mannequin updates and launches.
  • Meets deadlines to insure that Visual Communications receives all photos and written direction on time.
  • Interprets trends and ensures styling techniques are represented.
  • Participates in overnight floor-sets, merchandise updates, and in-store visual set-ups.
  • Participates in store openings as necessary.
  • Maintains a friendly and professional work environment with employees, customers and supervisors.
  • Displays energy and enthusiasm for the business.

So now I assume your wondering how you get this job? My piece of advice, make a list of all the places you believe you would love to work. Next do some online research on their websites to see what job opens they might have listed. Next make an actual phone call, really its very easy, write your script beforehand and ever practice with a friend. Being able to just pick up the phone when needed and be able to have a professional conversation is important in any career field. Call up the HR department and ask if they are hiring for that specific position. If not, offer to email your resume anyway to keep on file. Also, be sure to follow up and send that resume. If you are looking for more advice on getting your career going please email
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