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How to Recycle Beauty Products

How to Recycle Beauty Products
Written By: Lupita Woo

Going "Green" has been a lifestyle that many people have adapted within the last 5 years or so. As beauty lovers, why don't we join in on the fun of recycling and trying to conserve the environment? Many of us don't know exactly how to or where to take empty containers from our old beauty products. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in the U.S. the average person produces about 4.4 pounds of garbage a day. That means in a week we produce about 29 pounds, and 1,600 pounds a year! Wondering how this could be.... Well let me just tell you that being in the beauty industry we are probably the most wasteful of all. No matter how many organic products we purchase - if we don't recycle, it doesn't benefit Mother Earth.

Here are a few ways to recycle those old containers of cosmetics and hair products:

1. Origins retail store accept ANY tube, jar, compact or bottle. As a thank you for bringing in your empty products they will give you a sample of their high performance skincare products. Find your local Origins retail store and start recycling!

2. As you MAC girls may know, MAC Cosmetics has a Back to MAC program. When you buy any cosmetic product in their store and bring back 6 empty containers, you'll get a free lipstick of your choice. Trust me girls, this a great incentive for helping out Mother Earth. Their lipsticks go for about $15.

3. Last but not least, Aveda also has a recycling program for bottle caps. Whether you have old bottle caps from laundry detergent or from shampoos they take them all. Not only do they run a recycling program, they are also giving back to charities and to many people around the world. To learn more about what Aveda does for the Earth, visit to see all the wonderful things they do.

I hope I have inspired you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Also, let me know what you do to recycle as well. I would love to learn about new ways and see how different it may be from what I suggested. Happy Earth Month!

Until Next Time, Stay Gorgeous!
Lupita Woo
Beauty Expert


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