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Fight Signs of Aging AND Global Warming
Written By: Lyndsay Michelle

The Hungarian skincare manufacturer, Eminence Organic Skincare, has taken a strong stance on the fight against global warming; perfectly echoing the sentiments of The Stylist Handbook during the month of April. Eminence does its research to ensure that new products, like its luxurious Monoi Age CorrectiveNight Cream, are made from ingredients good enough to eat. On a side note: I did taste this face cream on accident and it was actually quite lovely (don't ask)!

What is so special about Eminence's anti-aging cream compared to the many others currently sharing the market space? First, the manufacturer holds itself to the highest of sustainability ratings in order to proudly boast the title of “being green." If that isn't enough, this moisturizer works in tandem with your body's natural reparative process which occurs nightly during REM sleep; thus this cream is perfect at night. While you are dozing your skin is being nourished by an argan stem cell complex that is partnered with monoi, nutmeg seed, argan oil, evening primrose oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil and grape seed oil. Note: there are no hard to pronounce additives or preservatives in this glorious concoction.

I personally, used this product for three weeks and have been overjoyed that the fine lines that started to develop around my eyes (from smiling of course) are appearing less defined. My skin is well hydrated in the morning allowing my to save time when I am applying makeup as I no longer need a primer due to the fact that this product causes the skin cells of the face to appear more cohesive and smooth.

I also was glad to discover that this reparative cream works wonders on skin that has been abused by the elements. Ok, that was my nice way of saying I got sunburned and used this cream on my shiny red nose before bed. I awoke to a quickly healed nose from the sun damage without flaking or peeling. After that trauma and the magic remedy Eminence's Monoi Age CorrectiveNight Cream, I am a lifetime purchaser of the product. Give this cream a chance to shine amongst the many others out there and share in my enthusiasm that we can have a beauty product that is good for us and our Earth!

Lyndsay Michelle,
Fashion and Beauty Contributor


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