3 Easy DIY SkinCare Remedies #Beauty

Written By: Lyndsay Michelle

1. Acne On-The-Spot Treatment

Let's face it - there is no good time for a breakout. When you find yourself cringing at the site of a new inflammation of a blemish take solace in the secret I am about to bestow on you. Honey and cinnamon, while delicious in desserts, are also a great duo that acts as an antiseptic mixture that is known to visibly lesson the inflammation of an outbreak of acne and rid your skin of pimples. It is quite simple to make, can be used daily, and works wonders when used at the first site of a pimple impostor.

Things You'll Need:

2 Tablespoons of Organic Honey
1 Tablespoon of Cinnamon Powder

To make this miracle worker, simply mix the two tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder until you notice a paste-like consistency. Dab the paste onto your pimple and allow it sit for approximately twenty minutes. When twenty minutes have lapsed rinse off the past with lukewarm water. The mixture can be saved for daily use if housed in a sanitary container. However, I strongly recommend making a new paste for every application to avoid spreading any skin irritants to other areas of the face in between applications.

2. Cure for Dry/Cracked Cuticles

Working in the beauty industry I find myself washing my hands more times than I can count. I ensure I am sanitary by also indulging in my addiction to hand sanitizer so to say my cuticles suffer dryness would be the understatement of the century. I learned that I am not alone in battling dry or cracking cuticles (perhaps other have their own culprits for the ailments) but we all need a quick fix just the same.

Things You'll Need:
Double Boiler
3 Tablespoons of Paraffin
1/2 Cup Cuticle Oil

Mix three tablespoons of paraffin, half a cup of mineral oil and along with one tablespoon of the oil of your choosing (my favorite is Lavender). Next, pour the paraffin mixture into the top of a double boiler. If you don't have a double boiler, pour a cup of water in a pot and boil. Place a heat-safe boiler on top of the pot and pour the paraffin mixture in the bowl to heat for approximately ten minutes. Transfer the mix to a dish and let the heavenly concoction sit for five minutes to all it to cool enough to ensure safe application. When your mixture is safe and warm temperature apply extremely liberally to your cuticles and nail beds and watch as the healing magic happens.

3. Banish Blackheads with an Azuki Bean Scrub

If you had flawless skin you wouldn't be reading this, assuming this much I am proud to share a simple yet effective way to evict your resident blackheads. It all begins and ends with BEANS...and yes you read the right. I am talking about the bean native to Japan called Adzuki; known to be found in sweet treats and pastries.

Things You'll Need:
Coffee Grinder
1/2 Cup Dried Adzuki Beans
1/2 Water (as needed)

To make your own sweet treat of a blackhead banisher simply grind a half a cup of dried Adzuki beans. Although red Adzuki beans are more common you may use any color available in your local market. Add a little water to the mixture to ensure a paste like appearance and apply to the desired area. Once the mask dries remove it with warm water and a soft towel (to avoid irritating the skin).
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