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How to Wear Maternity Fashion
Written by Lupita Woo

Becoming a mother is the single most life changing thing that can happen to any of us. Fashion for the mommy-to-be has evolved during the past 10 years or so. With celebs like Jenna Dewan Tatum, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian debuting their bellies for the world to see, they give us the reassurance to proudly embrace the belly with a fashionable twist. Depending on your personal style you can easily adapt your look for your growing belly. Being the only mommy contributor for The Stylist Handbook this was one of the hardest pieces to write; Not because there wasn't enough clothing to choose from but simply because I wanted to incorporate my own style into it as inspiration to all those currently expecting or have plans to do so in the future.

Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum | Oscars 2013

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Expecting mothers can pull off anything from ultra glam to the not so chic fashion. Nonetheless this piece reflects my personal style: comfy, edgy, and street. As you can see from the above collage, none of the pieces that I have chosen are too hard to find at your local department store. For every wardrobe we should always have staple items and being pregnant doesn't have to alter any of your wardrobe must-haves that you obsessed over pre-pregancy.

I suggest you always have a couple of jeans: Go with a more straight leg cut for a dressier look with flats or you can do a cigarette Twiggy inspired cut with sneakers. Your tops can vary from loose ruffled tops to belly hugging tanks. The name of the game is layering 101. As all you mommy-to-be's may know, pregnancy brings the most uncomfortable stages whether it'd be the temperature or just plain lack of sleep. One thing I did learn from my own pregnancy is that accessorizing is the key to dressing up your staple items. It can easily take your plain attire to an outfit that many can admire.

Whether you're opting for a more whimsical traditional style or a more relaxed street style for your daily wardrobe, one thing is certain: be comfortable. Jersey knit fabrics or anything that contains spandex in the fabric will last longer in your closet and you will feel a lot better as well. Remember ladies, this is is a temporary change in your wardrobe so why not look your best at all stages of your pregnancy.

Let's not forget the benefits of skincare, it's very important to have essentials like belly butter creams or any cream that will make your belly skin have more elasticity. Not only do these creams reduce the appearance of stretch marks but they also help with the itchy discomfort on your belly since it's constantly growing. To satisfy those cravings from my first trimester I learned to always pack Preggie Pop Drops or any nausea reducing food like crackers. Trust me, this will make your day go a lot smoother.

Not only must we die hard fashionistas need to look and feel our best through this life change, we must also be well informed. There are a lot of pregnancy books out on the market and I for one read a lot of them. Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs is a must-read. It is the most honest and funniest books that I have read.

As you go forth in this exciting stage of your life, we'd love to be a part of your styling journey. Show us your best "Maternity Fashion" by shooting us an email at

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Until Next Time, Stay Gorgeous!

Lupita Woo
Beauty Expert
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