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Le Fashion Truck at USC Greek Row
Le Fashion Truck: Boutique on Wheels
Written By: Lupita Woo

I first heard about Los Angeles based brand,  Le Fashion Truck scrolling through my Instagram feed doing my usual scrolling and double-tapping ritual. I stumbled upon this picture of a pink truck and was instantly intrigued. Clicking on their handle (@lefashiontruck), I was directed to their page where I became wide-eyed and bushy tailed, pleasantly surprised at this genius idea. First thing that came to mind: “Why didn’t I know about this?” One thing led to another and I found myself browsing their website, seeking information about their next whereabouts. (Follow their twitter to track them).

As I viewed the site, an idea sparked for a feature on the Stylist Handbook. I immediately contacted the editors and they giving me the green light to cover this story, the Editor In Chief Devon Poer having a small obsession with food trucks while living in LA. I rushed to my little notebook where I had written down their email and sent them a message as fast as I could.  Eagerly awaiting their response, they contacted me a few days later. I was so excited to meet Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo, the owners and brains behind Le Fashion Truck.

Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo- Proud owners of Le Fashion Truck
Driving to Los Angeles from Orange County, I read a feature that CNN living did on them that morning. When I reached the destination, I began walking up to the truck where I saw the girls climb out of their cute little red Fiat; they greeted me warmly and said they would be set up in about 15 minutes. While waiting I couldn't help but notice the other trucks that were present, Dig Thriftique and BLVDLOVE.

As I entered Le Fashion Truck the first thing that caught my attention was its interior design; very retro chic is how I would describe it.  Little shelves full of jewelry, from bracelets to earrings all from local designers. I began to talk to Stacey and Jeanine asking them where they had gotten their inspiration from. Their immediate response was from “food trucks!” If you're a food person, you know that it’s the latest craze in the foodie world over the nation. Not wanting to approach them from a formal interview perspective, I engaged in a conversation. I felt as if I were talking to them as friends and fellow business women.

Jeanine and Stacey met at craft fairs where Stacey would sell vintage clothing and Jeanine would sell her own jewelry designs. After running into each other a few times, these two entrepreneurs decided to go into business and build a brand that was new and never seen in the street of Los Angeles.

Courtesy of Le Fashion Truck
Stacey noted that one of the biggest challenges in having a mobile boutique is “the bathroom situation.” Simple amenities that most of us take for granted, this pair values especially when making stops with their truck. Another thing we discussed was the lack of back stock on the clothing, which by the way, are adorable. I wanted to buy everything they had.  They both made a great point though: fashion is in the NOW, it should be fresh and ever-changing in this business. Why would anyone want to carry 50 pieces of the same blouse and have them on the rack for possibly months? As we continued to converse, I noticed that they did have a fitting room. Ladies! These women have strategically thought of everything to make their business a success and are appreciated by their consumers. 

Being that this is such a new and innovative concept, I asked what their parents thought of all this. Jeanine and Stacey quickly responded that they completely support them in every way.  Stacey stated that her husband loved the idea from the beginning. Going into business of any sort is really scary but especially if you’re going into business where fashion business hasn’t been before... inside of a HUGE pink truck.

Most importantly, something I'm sure everyone may question at one point or another is where the name "Le Fashion Truck" came from. Stacey said Jeanine had actually thought about it. Being able to speak some French myself, I thought it was rather chic and completely fabulous for a boutique. Their concept for Le Fashion Truck is mind-blowing and I’m  grateful for these ladies allowing me to visit and pick their brains a bit. I came for the FASHION and left feeling inspiredThanks Girls! We at the Stylist Handbook wish you much success and kudos for being inspirational female entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Le Fashion Truck, visit their website:

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Until Next Time, Stay Gorgeous!

Lupita Woo
Beauty Expert @LupitaWoo

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