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Best and Worst of
Paris Haute Couture 2013

Written by: Schatzie Miller

Earlier this month, Paris rolled out the red carpet welcoming the finest couturiers in women's Haute Couture. Expectations were high as the fashion elite gathered to view the show stopping collections from French favorites such as Chanel, Christain Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier. As with any fashion week, there were some yays, a few mehs and the inevitable nays, but overall this season gave me more than enough spring trends to look forward to. Here is my personal list of the best and the worst of 2013 Paris Haute Couture.

Best / Worst Paris Haute Couture 2013

Georges Hobeika : With his sassy sheers, sweet hues and ladylike silhouettes, Georges Hobeika's spring Haute Couture collection stole my heart. Perfecting the charm of springtime innocence and beauty, this collection left me in a whirl of floral embellishments and flowy skirts. Pointed-toe pumps secured each look to a place of femininity that was equally matched by each model's fresh and glowing face.

Best / Worst Paris Haute Couture 2013

Raf Simmons for Christian Dior : Many were concerned after viewing Raf Simmons debut collection for Dior last year.  Fashion critics agreed that the collection seemed scattered and pretentious leaving the audience with mediocre taste in their mouths.This year, Simmons banished the unbelievers, giving a collection that showcased his finite grasp of sexy minimalism, that he so famously produced while at Jil Saunders, and his reverence for what made Dior a living legend -- defined waistlines, full skirts and timelessness. 

Best / Worst Paris Haute Couture

Stephane Rolland : Sophisticated and fierce, Stephane Rolland's collection gave the fashion world what it had been missing - daring looks. There was nothing neutral about Rolland's use of white and black, as each commanded attention, only allowing one dash of emerald green to be present. His manipulations of volume and texture were truly exceptional as seen in the bell sleeves, intricate embellishments and exaggerated necklines.

Paris Haute Couture 2013

Zahia Dehar : As if transporting her audience to a sexy ho-down at the Playboy Mansion, couture designer Zahia Dehar offered plenty of tacky, prairie inspired spring pieces. Beginning with what appeared to be Dorthy's alternative outfit for the Wizard of Oz, continued with the tragic procession of barely-there applique swimsuits, dresses made of "hay" and enough thigh skimming aprons to make Betty Crocker blush. No amount of glamor could have saved this tanking collection.

Best/ Worst Paris Haute Couture 2013

Adeline Andre : The 80's are back, and not in a good way. Unflattering was the mode of this collection by Adeline Andre. I understand that voluminous silhouettes can be chic, but I am inclined to point out that these dresses do not apply. Models looked appropriately unhappy in their baggy, boring dresses with confused hemlines. The choice to accessorize with white tights and open-toed sandals didn't help the failing case, making these looks even more dated.

Paris Haute Couture 2013

On Aura Tout Vu : Uneventful and off-target were my feelings for this collection by On Aura Tout Vu.  As if missing the fashion trend train by a mere couple of years, the collection left me with a sense of  "been there, done that." Recycled looks from Alexander McQueen, awkward cut-outs and PVC abuse were just a few of the ingredients in this recipe for disaster. I was left unimpressed by the collection's attempt to be dark and edgy and I could have done without the see-through trench coats and oxford platforms.
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