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Meet M. Lazar of September Mourning
Written by: Doug Haley

M. Lazar is the kind of artist I love. She is 100% about the art. There's no artificial flavor to be found in this platinum blonde rockstar.

We met for coffee at an elegant European breakfast cafe in Silverlake, CA named Madame Matisse. As we sat at the old oak coffee bar I was impressed by her poise, and her ability to make me feel like I was the only person in the room. She is an engaging and entrancing young lady. I was excited to spend time talking to her after watching her film a live concert for MTV just a couple of days prior that will air sometime in the near future on the network. During her live performance I was absolutely captivated by her ability to bring the audience into her world.

M is best known as the front woman of the popular rock band September Mourning.

She has been the opening act for Marilyn Manson and she has been endorsed by the following companies :

Coffin Case
Draven Shoes
Lipservice Clothing
Manic Panic
Samson Microphones
Schecter Guitars

M is about the embark on what arguably may become the most ambitious journey of her life. MTV Geek has just signed on to to produce September Mourning, as a trans-media project. September Mourning was created by M. Lazar and comic book mogul, Marc Silvestri. MTV will be utilizing digital media, comic books and live events for the project.

The story centers around a reaper named September, who will be played by M. Lazar herself, who has the power to allocate life and death. Through the series, they will explore what the consequences might be if we try to manipulate the higher powers. It will also explore themes of life and death, light and dark, and ying & yang.

Here's what M had to say in our interview...

Doug : First of all : I never got to thank you for the flowers you made me after your show (she painted a dozen red roses black and sprinkled the bouquet with silver glitter.) So thank you! I am keeping them in an antique poison bottle from the 1800's. You look amazing. Do you always have the costumes and makeup done before going out?
M : Oh yeah. I like getting up in the morning, putting on eyelashes, and becoming who I am. I'm not the t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. I've always been surrounded by theatrical people. I went to a performing arts school so I've always been immersed in the theatrical. My normal was never normal.
Doug : Who are your favorite designers?
M : I love Vivienne Westwood because of her corsetry and attention to the female form. John Galliano for Dior was another. I appreciate the linear simple structure of Chanel for everyday wear. And my friend, Erik Aswang. He makes the corsets I wear when I perform. He took my idea and put it into leather. He is amazing. You must look him up.
Doug : What is fashion all about to you?
M : To me fashion s the visual statement that encompasses all you are inside. I’m an extremist … so my wardrobe is all about the blacks and whites. If you went into my closet you would find that to be true. I think that everything about what you wear should speak about your personality in some form... even the fabrics. The softness of a silk, the firmness of a leather....and another important thing to me is how clothes move. I studied dance most of my life so movement and line is very important to me....
(She then stands up and shows me her coat, a black wool trench coat that she made into a bolero style in the front with tails in the back She spins around to show me how it flows when she moves).

Doug : Where did your music career begin?
M : My first record deal was in pop. But I always wanted something more raw and more me.
Doug : What is the biggest difference that you notice about the fans in the two genres? How are the rock fans different from the pop fan base?
M : They want to know: "Can you bleed for us? If you can...we love you."  They can't be fooled. Danny from Asking Alexandria and Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance are amazing. You can feel their pain, their life. People are very good at knowing what is authentic.
Doug : What do you think about this current vampire culture and the resurgence of vampire trends in movies, fashion etc?
M : What's interesting to me is that I think It began from a social aspect. It's going to be a long trend because we can relate to it on a very human level. It doesn't have to be a literal thing. Vampires are people that suck your energy. I know some people that I can't even be around for more than a couple of hours because I feel them draining my energy.
Doug : I think you are very brave. You don't seem afraid to confront yourself, look into the darker parts or the more painful parts of who you are. You remind me of a Neitzsche quote that I love : "When you stare into the abyss...(Emily then cuts me off and finishes the quote because it's a favorite of hers too) the abyss stares back into you."
M : People are very entranced by that part of their psyche. I think we should explore the darker aspects of our personality. In this society we live in, we are supposed to be happy all the time. We don't encourage people to live with or feel all of their emotions. We have Prozac for it to medicate the people, we probably have an app for it now too. But we are artists. We function on another level. There is a space inside of myself that I feel... I call it an abyss. Its a dark hole that you can fill with love and fans but it never fills up, its always there.

Doug : Where did you learn to scream? Its amazing watching you live, and hearing that intense and unexpected sound coming out of you! Where did you learn the technique?
M : Melissa Cross was a vocal coach that I was lucky to meet backstage at an Underoath show. Melissa has taught all of the biggest and best modern metal bands how to scream properly... everyone from Underoath to Of Mice and Men to Arch Enemy. She was interested in me right away because of my “presence” and my look, even though she had no idea what I did. When she found out I was a singer, she said "Well I teach people to scream, that's what I do. I would like to teach you." At the time I didn't have any money, and I told her that I couldn't afford it. She told me "money doesn't matter, I want to teach you... we will work something out.” And she did. She saw something in me and I am so incredibly grateful that she did!
Doug : Who would be in your dream collaboration?
M : I’m a huge My Chemical Romance (The Black Parade album especially), Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie fan... I love the theatrics... (obviously) so it would be fun to do something with them. Mutt Lange is a favorite producer of mine, as is Rob Cavallo for his work on the Black Parade. I would love to work on something more “rock opera” with them. I respect Lady Gaga for bringing theatrics into pop more and it might seem cliché but I would love to work with her on something. I toured with Marilyn Manson so I can check that off my list now as far as touring but I still would love to write with him. Dr. Luke has written so many hits.... I would love to do something darker and edgier with him, bring him outside of his comfort zone.
Doug : What type of responsibility do you feel that you have for your fans?
M : I'm responsible for putting out good music and taking the fans on a journey outside of themselves, wherein they might have a self realization of sorts and grow. I believe the best art provides escapism and in the end a growth of some sort.... I believe in enlightenment through art. That is my responsibility to my fans.
Doug : To you, your world is very black and white, not a lot of in between. You seem to live in extremes.
M : I don't live in the middle of anything. No grays, I'm black or white. Maybe that's why my wardrobe is the way it is (laughs).
Doug : Has love ever made you crazy?
M : We have all acted crazy because we were in love. And not a good crazy, just crazy! It’s taking that crazy energy and being able to focus the heartbreak or the joy and make something incredible out of it that is so important. Look at Alanis Morisette. She was virtually punched in the gut by her ex before she recorded her first album and you can feel it!
Doug : If a record label wanted you to re-try the Pop music route, could you do it again?
M : I don't want to live in pop. I could find that part of me - but I don't want to live in technicolor. There are some aspects of pop I bring into my music.... but I want to be a kaleidoscope of emotion that doesn't have to live only in the pop world.
Get familiar with this trendsetter who is not afraid to blaze her own path. M. has the fearlessness and artistic sensibilities that will make her one to watch for years to come!

-Doug Haley-
twitter : @doughaley

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