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thePeople: Introducing Lupita Woo - Beauty Expert

Model: Stela Sierra for SKYHI Clothing - Photo: Juan Garcia 

Lupita Woo is an up and coming makeup artist based out of Orange County, CA. She got started in the industry due to her passion for art. She sees makeup artistry as a form of artistic self-expression. She was a self taught makeup artist, until she attended CAMMUA in Newport Beach, CA where she received her Basic Artistry Certification under the instruction of  Gia Deo.
Model: Tera Blanco - Photo: Art Urroz Photograhy
When she was a little girl, she had a passion for drawing, well mostly an obsession with crayons. She was fortunate enough that her parents supported her crayon addiction by buying every Crayola Big Box of crayons they could find. Her progression into makeup had a lot to do with her Mom. She would sit in while her mom did her makeup almost every morning. Every question imaginable was asked during these makeup sessions. As she got older, she would sneak into her mom's bathroom and play with all her cosmetics and practice. In High School, she started to do makeup for her dance team. Soon girls started asking her to do their makeup for school dances. In her junior year of high school, she started taking art classes where she developed a passion for watercolors. The obsession started again. She would make random paintings while experimenting with a mixture of watercolors. The first class she ever took in college was an Art History class which changed her perspective forever.
Model: Caitlyn for Vicki's Closet 
Photo: Quang X. Vu
She wanted to be involved in a more creative type of school so she applied and enrolled into FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). This was such a great experience for her because she was constantly inspired by her fellow students. After finishing school at FIDM, she still had a lingering feeling that makeup was the road to her success. She did a few photo shoots with friends and started building her portfolio.
She started her own blog almost a year ago where she posted interviews and "Celeb of the Week" articles focusing mainly on fashion. The summer of 2012 was when she really got serious about going into makeup artistry. She enrolled into CAMMUA for a short course which gave her the confidence to go out there and push herself. Doing everything possible to get her name out there from Twitter, Facebook, to building her own website, she did it all on her own with the support of her husband, Ricky. She booked runway shows with small clothing companies in the area and started doing more shoots with photographers she networked with. In October of that last year, she was nominated to be Orange County's Makeup Artist of the Year for the Raw Artist organization. It was such an honor for her and it gave her more motivation to keep true to her artistry, never giving up.

Lupita Woo for Raw Artist Organization
Kay Vee
Art Urroz Photography

When the Stylist Handbook approached her about being a contributor she was honored. It made her feel like doors were finally opening for her. Being as driven and ambitious as always, she strives to make her dreams come true. Her ultimate goal is to become a makeup artist for Fashion Week in Paris and NYC. Along the way she wants to work for a major television network like NBC. For now she is delighted to be a contributor for the Stylist Handbook. Education is one thing that she believes is very powerful. The Stylist Handbook provides education to all, from moms at home that want to pamper themselves with our DIY posts to major celebrity stylists that are looking for style forecasts. Nonetheless, Lupita is ready to take this journey with all of you readers and provide you with her expertise. Welcome aboard Lupita!

Lupita Woo 
Beauty Expert


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