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 Girari Table Top Shoot Out
Written by: Doug Haley
Location : The Peterson Automotive Museum - the Miracle Mile, Los Angeles, CA

I'm constantly fascinated when I see the ways that fashion will influence trends in other industries of design and decor. The Girari Table Top Shoot Out contest in LA , sponsored by Town and Country is no exception. A Co-op of designers from around the city (including the set designer for the popular tv show "Rules of Engagement") came together to compete in a decor contest featured for one night inside the Peterson Automotive Museum, amidst a backdrop of classic American cars of a bygone era.
The pictures I took speak louder than words - I just wanted to share some creative ideas from the contest with our readers who like to entertain and might find these ideas useful. I loved the individualized Menu's that were etched out of green glass diamonds that stated what the hourderves, entrees, and desserts would be. The most interesting thing to me was that the winning table, designed by Pamela Ferarri Productions, said her only inspiration when creating her table was "high end fashion".  She just wanted it to look like "fashion" and per usual : fashion won the evening!

Stay inspired.
Doug Haley

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