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What Doug Says Is Fresh!

Levi's never fails to throw a good party. Celebrating the 501 jean and Frank Ocean last Friday was no exception. In attendance was Zoe Saldana, Solange Knowls, Hana Mahn,  El Conquistador, Dante Basco and lots of the known LA scenesters who verify a party in my city is legit. Levi's took over an entire art gallery in the Miracle Mile of Los Angeles and re-vamped the space into their own museum of brand heritage, complete with a stage, being DJ'd by M83 while an exclusive list of guests entered. Several unique art displays and giant renditions of iconic Levi's photography were on display in the midst of the party. Lots of interesting denim facts were on display in a fun way , including the fact that the first pair of jeans was patented in 1873! Visual media boards and digital installations featuring models, like Nikia Pheonix, were also constructed. Patron sponsored the booze and Frank Ocean sponsored the fun! I certainly don't want to neglect M83 who DJ'd the night (and were awesome, as always) but Frank Ocean really is THAT good. Once he took the stage the whole crowd fell pretty silent and melted into his words.
The moral of the story - we love good denim, and good music!

-Doug Haley-
twitter : @doughaley

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