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3 Easy DIY Skincare Remedies
Written by: Lyndsay Michelle

1. The Chocolate and Cofee Facial

This mask may make your tummy rumble but aside from that one drawback the benefits are decreased puffiness around the eyes and a brightened overall complexion.

Ingredients You Will Need:

4 Tbsp. Ground Coffee Beans (for those Starbucks aficionados ask your barista to grind your beans!)

4 Tbsp. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (think Godiva for the Goddess you are!)

8 Tbsp. Greek Yogurt (unflavored)

Added Bonus Ingredients for Differing Skin Types:

2 Tbsp. Honey for Dry Skin

2 Tbsp Lemon Juice for Oily Skin

You can prepare your mask a day or two in advance if you want to maximize on your relaxation time by having it ready for use the very moment you are ready to pamper yourself. You start by mixing your ground coffee beans and cocoa powder in a bowl. Slowly fold in the unflavored Greek yogurt until the mixture is thoroughly combined and appears like paste. If you are opting to use one of the bonus ingredients now would be the time to add in the honey or lemon juice.

Now for the fun part! Apply the mask to your freshly cleaned face and neck and sit back and relax while it dries and works its magic. Once the mask is completely dry (it should feel slightly hardened), use a wet washcloth (I prefer it to be hot and steamy) and press it to your face to loosen the mask. Repeat this process until most of the mask is removed. Once you have removed most of the mask begin rinsing your face to remove the rest. Now take a gander at your lovely skin - don't forget to oooh and ahhh a little. You deserve it!

2. The Cure-All for Dark Under Eye Circles

Who doesn't wake up with the occasional (for me it's most mornings) dark under eye circles? Well try this at home trick to lighten and brighten your eyes for a look that screams "I got some!" - a little R&R that is!

Ingredients You Will Need:

1/2 Tsp. Tumeric

1 Tsp. Lemon Juice

Take a half a teaspoon of turmeric and mix generously with 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Apply the mixture to the area just under your eyes but be aware that this mixture will be very thin and may run the risk of running so when applying to your eye area be mindful that you don't get any of this lightener directly in your eyes. Although not common, the paring of these ingredients are excellent for brightening even the most stubborn under eye rings. After fifteen minutes use a warm towel to wash away the mixture. Pat the eye area dry to avoid irritation and voila - you have an instant eye rejuvenator!

3. Brown Sugar Lip Scrub for Dry/Chapped Lips

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - dry and cracked lips I have them in all! A fail safe way to keep lips buffed to moisturized perfection is this little concoction I came across not too long ago. The best part of this little beauty recipe is that it features brown sugar...and to quote The Rolling Stones "Ah brown sugar how come you taste so good?"

Ingredients You Will Need:

2 tbs. Brown Sugar                                             

2-3 tbs. Coconut Oil (room temperature)

1 tbs. Honey

 Start the lip scrub by mixing your honey and coconut oil.  I prefer to use organic honey and notice that it tends to be thick and hard to manipulate. To overcome this obstacle just microwave your honey for forty seconds (or more as needed) to soften it. Once the honey and coconut are mixed well, slowly start to stir in your brown sugar a little bit at a time. A this point the scrub will become aromatic and you may just find yourself sneaking a taste but resist the urge and instead buff it onto your lips in circular motions. After a minute or two of buffing you can then wipe off the scrub and apply a moisturizing chapstick to seal in the softness you just worked so hard to achieve.

Be your best my beauties,
Lyndsay Michelle
Beauty Expert

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