Wake-Up Your Skin DIY Body Scrub #DIY

DIY Body Scrub

Wake-Up Your Body | DIY Body Scrub
Written by Lupita Woo 

1. Olive Oil
2. Sugar
3. Pure Vanilla Extract
4. Peppermint Essential Oil
5. Freshly Brewed Coffee Grounds

What a better way than to wake up to a fresh pot of brewed yummy coffee. Have you ever wondered what to do with all the left over coffee in the filter? I have and here is the perfect solution!
What if I told you that this would make the best scrub for your morning shower? A bit nutty right, think again ladies. I tried this little experiment on myself and I loved it!

This skin-softening scrub made of coffee grounds is a traditional treatment that is used in Thai and Balinese spas and its a luxurious way to start your day. It contains ingredients that you can find right in your pantry, or at least most of them. This recipe contains the sweet aroma of coffee and peppermint which in aromatherapy, they have stimulating and energizing properties. Combine these two aromas with olive oil and sugar crystals giving you moisture and exfoliation all in one This recipe should last you for at least 2 applications.

The Recipe:
1/4 cup of olive oil
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
1 cup of sugar
15 drops of peppermint essential oil
1/2 cup of freshly brewed coffee grounds

How To:

In a medium bowl combine all ingredients. With a fork, mix it all together. When done put in a jar or a container with a top. This will be good for up to 2 weeks if you keep it refrigerated.

Now let's take this to the shower. Take handfuls of the scrub and with a circular motion apply all over your body preferably starting at your feet. Just be careful this scrub does contain oil, make sure you have a nonslip surface you can stand on. Work it into all your rough areas: feet, heels. knees, and elbows.

After you have lathered this all over your body, rinse off and continue with your regular bathing routine. Make sure you seal in all the moisture with your favorite body lotion.

Your skin will instantly feel softer and more alive than ever!


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