theFASHION: Shoegasam | Boutique 9 #Shoegasam @ShoeQUEENDOM

Spring is here! ...Not really, but personally for me. I live in California and love to start wearing Spring and Summer shoes before the seasons actually start. It's like sneaking out of Winter, kind of like those times we're all guilty of at some point where you sneak out of a party early. Oops :)

Coral, light blue, and a soft silver are a great blend together, especially on these Boutique 9 PumpsSo vibrant and almost dainty on a very powerful 5.5" heel and 2" platform. Adding to the nice curve of this towering shoe is this triangular dip at the peep-toe. It also doesn't hurt that the Soft colors on the HARD exterior make for a complimentary play on each other; One that makes life so much more vivacious!

Shoegasmic, T.

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