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The Queen of Style...GGeisha (center right)

Good Taste With GGeisha
Written By: Doug Haley
-Doug Haley-
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Living in Los Angeles - one of the most over saturated cities in the world- its easy to become a part of the crowd and get lost in the trends of the moment. This is why I have so much respect for the real tastemakers who are constantly elevating Los Angeles' street and nightlife fashion.  With unyielding, relentless and passionate pursuits for all things artistic, party host, fashion muse and ambassador for all things chic GGeisha is doing just that.

GGeisha created by far the most unique underground style collective in L.A. - period.  StayDripped is an underground fashion collective that features and showcases designers,dj's and street artists (including JoyRich).  Its a haven for artists and arts connoisseurs to see what everyone is making and promoting, and of course everything that has been sealed with a kiss of approval from GGeisha herself.

I've known GGeisha in the social circuit for about a year and I have always admired her charm and her unique ability to bring the most interesting collective of people together for anything she puts her name on.  Whether it be a party, a night on the town (she was in charge of the guest list for Mr. Black at Bardot in LA at times) or her unique underground collective, GGeisha's seal of approval means that its worth your time.

Doug: Where did the concept for StayDripped come from?

GGeisha:  I started Dripped in the Spring of 2011. I developed a concept of a “Trunk Show/Fashion Soiree” because I felt LA was lacking a community-based scene for the Fashion Industry. I started doing Dripped at Pop tART gallery with Gallery Owner/Drag Persona Phyllis Navidad and we collaborated the first year together on Dripped.  I started producing Dripped as Creative Director with my own team after the March 2012 Fashion week edition. At the time I had been working as a sales rep, and a lot of my friends were designers, stylists, makeup and hair stylists and I saw a lot of people getting taken advantage of. I myself was victim of that, so I wanted to create a party/space where we could all come together to celebrate and support one another instead of step on one another to get ahead.  A place you can get dressed up at, serve looks and get served! Mingle, network and check out what everyone is creating! Dripped was created for the kids who live, breathe, taste, and create fashion. For the kids that worked a full time job and made shit at home after a long day of working; or the starving artist who sacrificed a 9-5 job to dedicate everything to creating. I always felt that street style and personal style always inspired the high end brands so why not celebrate the fact that we are all in a sense taste makers and create a community of Underground Culture Connoisseurs? LA is making moves and Dripped is here to celebrate youth and innovation.

DH: How would you describe your personal style?

GG: My personal style is often a reflection of what mood I’m in.  It’s very “GGeisha.” A Gangsta Geisha! A combination of old meets modern. For some reason I’m obsessed with Cholo Culture mostly for the look. A mixture of classy and street I guess. I don’t like to follow trends unless its something I feel like wearing at the moment. I like to mix my favorite designers with thrift store and vintage finds. I like being influenced by different eras, mixing lots of accessories and wearing loud funky shoes to complete my outfit. Sometimes I’ll be inspired by movies, or art that I see. I used to wear a lot of black but I’ve been more open to color during the spring/summer. Lately I’ve been influenced by my boyfriend so been dressing more 40’s/50’s inspired and more ladylike. Ultimately I love anything classic, edgy, glamorous, and involving a lot of sex appeal.

DH: Where are some unorthodox places that you find inspiration from?

GG: Some unorthodox places I find inspiration is the hood, underground parties, and just walking around LA. I like talking to the weirdo’s on Hollywood Blvd, Venice Beach, or Skid Row. I’m the kind of person who will literally have a conversation with anyone. I find inspiration from anyone who goes after what makes them happy; people who have gone through real shit and prevailed. People who are unafraid to do what they want because it is who they are and naturally what they do, those who dress according to their own accord and not so much according to trends. I also like to visit exhibits, museums, un-explored neighborhoods and locations that has interesting looks that inspire “a story.” I like to drive around and admire architecture that reflects the history of this city and its influences. Street fashion and people watching is always a great way to get some eye candy and food for thought.

DH: Tell me about some emerging designers and stylists that you are a fan of.

GG: Some of my favorite LA based labels are Skingraft, Dimepiece, Joyrich, Mooke by Yuske, Mama Dona, Rojas, Jonathan Burdine, See You Monday, Thvm Jeans, Hellz Bellz, GPPR, Beautiful Ful, Casen Kreation, Gypsy Junkies, Kill City, Deandri, Rose La Grua, Miss Wax, Ping Ping & Rabbit, The Bealine, Marini Fini, Trillery, Kittinhawk, and YRU shoes.  James Jaurez as a stylist James Jaurez as a stylist and Matthew Hensley.

DH: It must be very empowering to be a trusted tastemaker in this city : can you elaborate a bit on what that's like and what perhaps people expect or want from you?

GG: Ha, that’s very flattering. I think people see me as a naturally social person. So with that I guess some people can regard that as being a tastemaker because being social is also about being in the know. As I began throwing events, parties, doing hosting gigs, and meeting more people I began to realize the empowering role I had. I love bringing people together and producing anything creative. Most people expect since you are active in the scene that you may know a lot more than you actually do, or that it’s easy to get the right people to the same place. To me, being a tastemaker is about being current and understanding your environment as well as the future of that environment. Staying current on popular culture, underground/sub-culture, street style, and just innovation. Constantly immersing your self around constant stimulation.
The goal of Dripped was to create a platform to support creative tastemakers in Los Angeles through fashion, independent design, performance and art. Dripped wanted to encourage a movement that celebrated community in such a cutthroat industry, and in a city such as Los Angeles seen as the underdog in global fashion. My goal is to help legitimize Los Angeles as a city of style and innovation. To eradicate the annoying cliché of Hollywood bimbos, fake tans, and flip flops and shine light on a new generation, and a new underground of tastemakers.

DH:  Who/what in LA is underrated right now?

GG:  I think a lot of up and coming designers, djs, are underrated right now. I think the LA fashion scene and industry in general needs a lot of support and structure if it wants to evolve past the passé cliché seen by global Fashion heads.  Not necessarily anyone in particular, I think the scene needs more proper critique and exploration into the underground. That’s why I created Dripped. A peak into the Los Angeles Underworld of Fashion!

DH: What do you think of the LA fashion scene right now?

GG: The fashion scene in LA is very eclectic, diverse and extremely influenced by personal style and by our weather and lifestyle. There is a more laid back approach to style out here and I see people more expressive and unafraid to dress how they feel, and as an extension of their personality as opposed to more designer based if you look at New York, Paris, or London. People in LA dress to express, as creatures of comfort. People on the east coast are more about dressing as creatures of style. I think it has to do with LA being a younger, self made demographic than the east coast where style stems from old money. 

GGeisha is the real deal.  She is as authentic and memorable in both personality and presentation as any individual can be.  I am sure she will continue to surprise us all.  I certainly look forward to following her journey into endless creativity and unique artistic endeavors.  

I would encourage you to take a look at some of her videos that shine some light on what StayDripped is all about. 

(this 14 minute video shows discussion of the GGeisha aesthetic)

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