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 Shoegasm: A Step Above the Rest

Happy New Year to all! Starting out 2013's shoegasm with a sneaker wedge I am craving! The Puma My-66 is a “lift to one of Puma’s iconic basketball silhouettes with a hidden wedge heel, while perf details, a padded collar with a pair of straps across the tongue, and contrast PUMA Formstrips reference the original design.”  I love these because they are so true to the puma style, sleek, and classic. Each color-way has its own charm, too.  The black color-way with the stark contrast, the orange with the big pop of color, and the white that reminds me of my elementary school days when Puma was simple yet oh-so-popular.
These sneaker wedges have a 3.5″ hidden wedge heel compared to other sneaker wedges at 2″. So really, it makes these more like heels if you ask me.  Either way, I would ROCK THEM OUT!! Cute with any sport outfit.
Shoegasmic. xx, T.
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