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INTERVIEW: Creators of Pickn'Tell, New Fashion App Technology! 
Written By: Devon de la Poer 

During recent online surfing, I was researching more about fashion apps (yes, that's something I do in my spare time, I'm a bit obsessed with digital fashion technology) when I came across a video for an mobile app called PickN'Tell. Saving the link I showed it to a couple of my business associates; then mentally filed the information for later user. Literally within a months time I randomly received an email  from the publicist for Picn'Tell requesting an interview with the creators. Talk about good alignment! I obviously said yes and wondered if they somehow knew they had been on my radar.

Founders and fashion lovers Dalit Braun and Asaf Lewin created Pickn’Tell with a desire to improve the shopping experience for both customer and retailer.

Picn'Tell is a location-based mobile service which modernizes the way customers shop. By combining commerence and community, Picn'Tell makes shopping more social allowing customers to connect further with the brands they love.

Shoppers can capture images or video of themselves trying on different outfits using the Pickn'Tell in-store mirror or the app's self picture option then share their favorite looks with friends on social networks for instant feedback. When using Pickn'Tell to share your outfit you can collect points and prizes -- gift cards, coupons, and exclusive info on new items and event invites -- from your favorite stores. 

This modern and uninterrupted shopping experience continues to connect with shoppers all the way home. Becoming a fully-featured mobile store, you can track all your purchases in a digital closet or a sharable wish list; organizing them by shopping date, brand, or item type. This mobile app also provides access to advice in real time from stylist, bloggers and the Pickn'Tell community.

Pickn'Tell can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store of the iPhone App Store. There isn't an ipad app yet and we are hoping to hear more soon about the expected release date. We would love to hear your feedback regarding this app and if you have any questions for the founders we are happy to meet the request!

Q and A

Devon Poer: What is both of your's background and how long did it take to get the project off the ground?

Dalit Braun and Asaf Lewin:  About 18 months. Mark has 25 years in development background, we both have engineering backgrounds, a great development team, all in house, our own technology, which is the heart of the control system, how we manage and define our users, its really more complex than a standard application so we really wanted to put our all into it to see it through properly.

DP: Why and how did you come up with the concept for Pickn'Tell?

DB / AL: Were out shopping when we came up with the concept... Mobile technology is growing so fast and we thought this would be a great solution for retailers, so we met with retailers to get more feedback from them, discovered their was a need, quit our jobs and began developing and finding a solution for retailers to tap into the mobile market. We felt retailers are in a major race to be noticed online and we wanted to provide a digital store front to them noticed and people buying their products and brands. We do more than just that also providing specific offerings, coupons, etc, that can be customized by our retailers and specific to our followers. We really wanted to create an engaging app that was a fun experience.

DP: Can you tell us more about the mirror? What is it?

DB / AL: Interactive in store display equipped with picture and video taking capability, providing a fun, innovative way for your customers to enjoy the store while connecting their shopping experience to their friends and followers. You use your mobile to control the mirror, it has a security code, like a remote control, take a picture or a video clip, then it goes to your mobile with all the information about the store, or add more info by scanning the bar code and then you can share with a friend or post on social media. All the media is cloud based so users are not limited to the amount of media, you can still access all your previous posts and shopping from when you signed up. We currently have mirrors at stores in New York and Los Angeles!

DP: Who is a Pickn'Tell app user? You work with Stylists?

DB / AL: Mainly women, 18-30 years old, who loves shopping and social media. Bloggers and stylists are listed and can get more involved with the app by contacting us. Defined by the system, followers can use the app to go to a stylist customized blog, where they can interact with the stylists. We are really developing it more and testing it out further. However its the closest thing to a virtual shopping friend.
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