theFASHION: Shoegasm DSQUARED | Holiday Shoe @ShoeQUEENDOM #HolidayShoe #Shoe #Fashion

The kids are back to school, Halloween's goblins are behind us, and we're all now overly stuffed with turkey which can only mean one thing... The holidays of glee and cheer are here! Christmas bells, Hannukah candles, Kwanza feasts, we can't deny all the festivities. Which is why this weeks SHOEGASM is the perfect step into a glowing holiday full of sparkle! 

DSQUARED2's Brilliant Glitter Pump - Let's start this party off at the heel - glitteratti chic.  At 4.7 inches, you definitely need that gold ankle strap to keep you level (can't deny flowing champagne). The contrast of the youthful, playful glitter with the more sophisticated thin gold ankle strap feel is such a great combination of differences, and the fuschia lining only brings it more to life. A pointed toe adds an instant feel of elegance, and a big full gold bow to top it off. It's like you're wrapping your feet into a most special gift! Notice the small cap of gold at the point of the toe, how could you not smile?

Shoegasmic. xx -Tina

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