theEvents: the Stylist Handbook Takes on Los Angeles Fashion Week #LAFW #FashionShows #Fashion #EventInvites

Fashion Week in Los Angeles has began (after everyone else already had their turn, price we pay for being the ones with the best weather) and so have the mass emails of invites and multiple events to pick from. Especially when Los Angeles Fashion Week doesn't last a week but at least two. Some events have already started... however our calendar of events starts today, Friday. We at the Stylist Handbook are so excited to be hosting multiple events and covering LAFW to provide one major fashion week survival guide in the next Volume of The Stylist Handbook (due out in March 2013)!!!

The Stylist Handbook Fashion Styling Suite - our team of stylists and understudies will be dressing celebrities who will be attending Los Angeles Fashion Week with Editor In Chief, Devon Poer. The suite will feature local and aboard fashion designers available for wardrobe pulls in Los Angeles.

The Stylist Handbook is hosting our newest tradition SUNDAY Brunch! Our kick off Brunch will take place this Sunday, October 14th during Fashion Week in Los Angeles hosted at the Luxe Hotel Sunset Blvd in Bel-Air at 1pm til 3pm. Come visit our styling suite to view some of our favorite LA designers and goodies from Shibue Couture. Mingle with other fashion stylists, professionals, designers, publicists and the Stylist Handbook team. Get involved in our Understudy program or find our more about upcoming opportunities and contributing to the magazine. The actually sit down Brunch is in the Hotel restaurant and reasonably priced at $50 per person or you can just have mimosa in the bar and fashion treats in our Styling Suite!

Please RSVP to by Saturday end of day for Brunch! 




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