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D.R.E.S System founder Margaret Spencer is providing aspiring stylists with the tools needed for this growing trade.

There is really no doubt that personal and editorial styling is a growing career opportunity for those interested in breaking into the exciting world of style consulting. Wardrobe stylist are no longer exclusive to celebrities or the ultra-wealthy; normal women are turning to those skilled wardrobe consultants to help them with everything from whipping their wardrobe into shape, to styling and packing outfits for their vacations.

So it stands to reason that getting a proper education to become a fashion stylist is invaluable, which is one of the reasons why Los Angeles native, Margaret Spencer, started the stylist firm D.R.E.S System.

D.R.E.S System Personal Stylist Certification is unique in it’s ease and effectiveness, as well as the program’s overall message: “to instill in each woman that they are deserving of value, self-worth and pride in the uniqueness of their figure”.

Margaret Spencer, developed the D.R.E.S System to help stylists quickly and accurately identify body shapes. Under the D.R.E.S System, differing body types are classified as Diamond, Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire (D.R.E.S.). D.R.E.S System's use of precious gems not only identifies body shapes, but also gives a more positive image in comparison to traditional fruit and geometric classifications. So, the traditional “rectangle” is renamed a dazzling Emerald, the commonly used “apple” is now a precious Ruby, the somewhat unflattering label “pear” is a beautiful Sapphire, and the “hourglass” is now considered a sparkling Diamond.

Giving stylists the tools to properly identify the body shapes of their clients is just the beginning. D.R.E.S System's new online training program makes receiving a fashion styling certification easier for aspiring stylists to get the proper training to effectively launch their careers. The online education program also offers extensive training in color theory and  face analysis.  
Margaret Spencer Performing Color Analysis

D.R.E.S System's online training program also educates stylists in conducting personal shopping trips, how to organize and edit client wardrobes, and marketing. The curriculum includes a mix of videos, PowerPoint slides, quizzes and email correspondence with instructors.

Online training is offered year round and classes can be started at anytime-- taking about a month to complete each course. For those interested in a more hands-on approach, live training courses continues to be offered twice a year. 
The effectiveness and ease the D.R.E.S System Personal Stylist Certification makes it an excellent option for aspiring stylists to become certified, market themselves, and deliver high quality styling and fashion services to clients.
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