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I love everything British (English), from the ascent to the fashion. An Englishman can steal my heart with just his demeanor and has once before. So, what is the Royal Ascot and why do they have a dress code? First off, according to Wikipedia (I love this site, please support them) the Ascot Racecourse, "a famous English racecourse, located in the small town of Ascot, Bershire, used for thoroughbred horse racing. It is one of the leading racecourses in the United Kingdom, hosting 9 of the UK's 32 annual Group 1 races. The course is closely associated with the British Royal Family, being approximately six miles from Windsor Castle. It is owned by Ascot Racecourse Ltd." Read more here.

To be more specific the Royal Ascot is listed on the Royal Event and Ceremonies as a "Royal Meeting, held annually in the third week in June, is steeped in tradition and pageantry and is interwoven into the very fabric of British culture. The five-day meeting commences on Tuesday and each day begins with the Royal Procession - the arrival of The Queen and the Royal party in horse-drawn landaus, which parade along the track in front of the race-goes. The Royal Procession dates back to the 1820s and the reign of King George IV, at which time it was referred to as the Royal Parade or Royal Drive." Ah the Brits and their glorified ways! The Queen must get so bored with all her "Royal Parade's" yet she looks like she is having fun!

Moving on, because the Brits are very well know for their love of hats and fascinators (which is customary to wear at Weddings and Races) I couldn't help but share in their crazy fashion display during the races. Especially, after reading that the racecourse has now put a much more serious dress code into place because of the over the top fascinators of some of the more edgy youth. This is fashion people, its suppose to be fun, lighten up. However, tradition should be respected yet modernization should be embraced, uh what a conundrum. What's your opinion?


Read the official dress code here.

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