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When looking for creative stimulation, sometimes flipping through avante-garde fashion magazines doesn't do the trick. Often we at The Stylist Handbook need more than glossy magazine spreads - we want music and images. Enter... Imagine Fashion, a website providing "the most progressive 'points of view' across fashion in motion."

Devoted to all things new, the website features curated short films focusing on different interpretations on fashion. Blending stunning visuals, killer beats, and of course, clothes - Imagine Fashion's Fashion Films offers pure creative content for all tastes. These are a few of our favorites.

Directed by Andrew Huang
Costume Design by Lindsey Mortensen

In this short film, director Andrew Huang places textiles and color on the forefront. Using lavish fabrics and pigments, Huang gives audiences a visual interpretation of the philosophical theory of solipsist - the idea all else beyond one's mind does not exist. Huang "brings to life unworldly beings... where creatures merge and dissolve as entity of themselves and each other."

"Sofia Sanchez" and "Julia Sarr-Jamois"
Directed by Mario Sorrenti
Styled by Melanie Ward

Pretty girls in pretty clothes: director Mario Sorrenti short films show today's stylish icons in the latest doing what they do best - looking amazing.

Featuring favorites such as former model Penelope Tree, model and bass player Sybil Buck and ballet dancer Jessica Saund. They discuss their style influences, designer favorites and fond memories. Our two favorites is art director Sofia Snachez and fashion editor Julia Sarr-Jamois.

Sofia Sanchez

Julia Sarr-Jamois

"Trashion Fashion"
Directed by Achraf Amiri
Illustrations by Achraf Amiri

Illustrator for "Trashion Magazine," Achraf Amiri's film is both morbid and sassy. His illustrations depict chic "vampires" who have the "thirst of luxury and trashy attitudes." Bloody, broken limbs in designer shoes, heads spinning in high collars with cheeking dance music by Larry Tee as background - all giving a nod to iconic clothing from the leaders of fashion including: Valentino, Givenchy, the late Alexander McQueen, Ninna Ricci and Garret Pugh.

You can view full videos and more at their website Imagine Fashion.

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