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In honor of the music festivals and the coming summer here is some proper Coachella fashion to get inspired for the coming warm months. This weekend apart of me wished I was at Coachella but I was in an interesting intimate space, building content and came to the conclusion that I wasn't in the mood to pay for the overpriced tickets. I was bit by the festival bug in my early teens and played it out a little hard for being in my late 20's now. Don't get me wrong I would love to go to Coachella for the experience, the music and the partying but I haven't had the chance yet. Needless to say, I enjoy the fashion experience and seeing what is happening with our youth culture. I am so happy that we have the internet so you can still see the fashion and good times that went on. Partytime!

I want a new experience other than your typical party crowd which I'm hoping to get for Lighting in a Bottle on Memorial Day Weekend which encompasses not only music but yoga, meditation, and spirituality. Be safe out there!

One band that played at Coachella that I was recently introduced to is First Aid Kit, a sister duo from Sweden. I'm currently obsessed with the song "Emmylou" and what it now reminds me of, I love the human experience, we learn so much about ourselves.

Sources: EgoTV
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