THe Stylist Handbook Volume 3 - PRINT

The Stylist Handbook is proud to re-release Volume 3, now available in PRINT! This issue introduces cover girl and online phenomenon Dulce Candy to the community. With over 85 million views on YouTube, she's a hit. Editor in Chief ,Devon Poer, discusses how to become a certified fashion stylist, Garde Robe give you tips on wardrobe storage and get to know lead costume designers for Dancing with the Stars Randall Christensen, DRES creator and found of Holobi, Wardrobe Stylist, Margaret Spencer, and actress Janelle Ortiz from the movie "Prom." We also get vital about fashion public relations with aLine media's Kenn Henman. While finally getting glossy with photographer's Daryl Henderson and Mallory Morrison. Includes: LA & NY Showroom Directory. Upcoming Educational Workshops. Featured Fashion Designers.
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