@Soopl: The Fashion Trolley

Overwhelmed with mounds of clothing, shoe boxes, and supplies? The Soopl Fashion Trolley is the fashion industry's solution to a sturdy yet portable rolling rack. It can be be used to hang a number of garment bags while a durable shelf down below can house boxes, plastic bins, you name it!

Arjan Kaan, designer of the convenience rack, devised this concept while working as an account manager for a Dutch fashion brand. He hated the inconvenience of the existing large, bulky rolling racks; therefore attempting to replace them with much smoother, transportable ones. The Fashion Trolley can be pulled along bumpy pavement and other uneven surfaces.

Based on my first hand experience with Soopl during Los Angeles CONCEPT Fashion Week, it was nothing but smooth sailing. Our team of girls packed the rack to the brim with everything one could possibly need to manage a runway show and came in handy during backstage chaos. When we were done with the rack, it easily collapsed for manageable carrying and storage. The Soopl Fashion Trolley was built to make all of our fashion lives easier!

Check out more Soopl products at their official website soopl.com and let us know what you think of the Fashion Trolley...
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