thePeople: Fashion Stylist Erin Olson @E_Scouted

Written by Nichole Johnson

‘Scouted’, the new E Channel reality show follows scouts as they take on the process of finding unknowns and turning them into bona fide fashion models, premiered on Monday November 28th to very positive reviews. One of the modeling scouts featured on the show, former model and fashion stylist Erin Olson of Salt Lake City, Utah, was kind enough to sit down with me to answer a few questions about ‘Scouted’.

Fashion Stylist Erin Olson

Q: What is the show ‘Scouted’ all about?
A: ‘Scouted’ highlights the process of taking regular girls from obscurity and turning them into fashion models. Newly scouted girls are flown to New York City where they are styled for a shoot, and then possibly selected to be a part of “One Management”, a Top 10 modeling agency.

Q: Who are some of the key characters we will be introduced to when watching ‘Scouted’?
A: ‘Scouted’ focuses on 3 main groups of people who are the scouts, the models and the experts. The scouts include Page Parkes, Kristen Kotik, Stacie Vanchieri and me, Erin Olson, the experts include Creative Director Michael Flutie, President of One Management Scott Lipps, Model Mentor Beri Smither, Director of Scouting Julia Samersova and Image and Styling Consultant Dani Stahl. (The aspiring models will be revealed on the show.) People can also check out the E Channel’s website for complete cast bios.

Q: How did you get involved in the production of ‘Scouted’?
A: Michael Flutie, the creator of ‘Scouted’, was looking for Top 10 Agency modeling scouts in North America to be featured on the show. I was recommended by some of the agencies I’ve scouted for as well as by my partner Trudi Tapscott of ‘Trudi Tapscott Model Management’.

Q: As a former fashion stylist, how did you transition into a model scout?
A: I started out as a model in New York City back in 1996 which really sparked my initial interest in the fashion industry. Over time I naturally transitioned into sales and buying and soon thereafter came fashion styling, which I loved doing. I got into model scouting because all of these job opportunities taught me what to look for in an aspiring model as well as what designers are looking for, which equips me to be a very effective model scout.

Q: In what ways has your past styling experience helped in scouting models?
A: As a fashion stylist, and as a model, I learned which styles look relevant and what an agency is really looking for in their girls. As a model I learned what a model should look like without make-up, it’s not typically the obvious girl who makes a successful model.

Q: What can viewers who are in the fashion industry learn from watching scouted?
A: Typically, the people who work in fashion are involved in a specific niche and haven’t had much experience in other areas of the industry. ‘Scouted’ offers a different perspective by showing what it’s really like for the models. It humanizes them and shows that they aren’t just another pretty face.

Q: What makes ‘Scouted’ a show to watch?
A: I love that the show reveals the true process of scouting. It’s not a competition show, instead ‘Scouted’ focuses on all that it takes to find, prepare and develop the girls into models. No other show has depicted modeling from this perspective.


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