@TSHmag Underwater #FashionStyling

Styling an underwater photo shoot takes special consideration regarding your choice of garment and its out come after the shoot. Typically, an underwater shoot will be done in a tank or pool which has treated water that is not good for many fabrics and materials. Knowing the science behind fabrics is very important as a fashion stylist, it will help you serve your clients better and keep your showroom/designer relationships in good standing!

Here are the behind the scenes from our beautiful underwater photo shoot for volume 3, "Within a Dream" shot by photographer Mallory Morrison. This shoot was sponsored by Fathom Films and our model Iara Mandyn specializes in underwater modeling and can hold her breathe for over 3 minutes. That's crazy! Enjoy...

TSH: Underwater Photo Shoot "Within a Dream" from devon poer on Vimeo.

Photographer Mallory Morrison
Fashion Stylist Devon Poer
Makeup Artist Alice Coloriti
Models Iara Mandyn, Karin Giron
Assistants Liz Bretz, Shiloh Strong, Sam Zachrich

Shekhar Rahate, www.shekharrahate.com
Hazel, www.myhazel.com
Pame Designs, pamedesign.com
by LaShan, www.bylashan.com
Maria Bianca Nero, www.biancanero.com
Suss, www.sussdesign.com

Sponsored by Fathom Films
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