Feature: The Stylist Handbook on LOS Mag!

It's always exciting to be apart of the online evolution especially when it supports fashion stylists!! Fashion/wardrobe stylists membership site LotofStyle.com recently launch an online blog/mag, LOS MAG to further give stylists a voice in the big world of fashion and style. I am honored to be one of their beginning features on their new digital publication and a contributor. Thank you and check out the feature!!!

"LOS Mag showcases the artists behind style. Our focus is specifically on the underrecognized and underexposed styling industry. Our goal is simply to create the well deserved exposure that is lacking. We take you behind the scenes and even give you a peek into these artists’ personal lives."

Become a member on LotsofStyle.com

"LotsofStyle.com is a global network specifically created to allow fashion stylists to showcase their portfolios to prospective clients and other professionals around the world. Searching for a fashion stylist on the worldwide web by viewing each individual stylist's website, can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. We have eliminated that problem by creating a worldwide directory that allows visitors to search for fashion stylists from all over the world in seconds. Our unique search engine allows visitors to narrow their search for a fashion stylist by name, member number, location, fashion categories and experience level."
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