Events: CMC Contemporary Runway Show

The California Market Center host the Contemporary Women's Fashion Show every market and I typically attend, this season I was delighted to be back stage representing Polaris Cosmetics. I'm finding that my career is evolving into that of a publicist and less styling. *Side note: A publicist use to be defined as: a journalist, one concerned with current affairs. I'm sad to not be doing as much styling but really enjoy playing the PR role and I've been doing so much writing too. One can't complain because I love it all. PR is really something that I have been doing for the past four years representing myself in all the many fashion media forums I indulge in. But really who cares, onto the behind the scenes photos...

The Makeup Look...

The designers in the show included Mavi Jeans, Voom by Joy Han, Eileen Fisher, Soraya by Rozi and XCVI Wearables. It was a bit hard to tell who was who because the logos projected on the back of the Runway didn't seem to be in sync, so if I have any of the designers wrong I apologize. I've been in love with Mavi Jeans since I bought my first pair at 19 and I still have them and they still fit, yes hate me! Voom by Jon Han, I believe was all the fun bright prints which we were in love with the print dress posted below. Eileen Fisher I could live in her stuff, seriously great basics.

See more of my behind the scenes photos here.
See Runway photos from Apparel News here.

Press from the show from Blog Downtown's Eric Richardson

Special thanks to Cristina Romeo, Errin, Stephanie, Klara and Natasha from the Polaris Creative team. Audrey from the CMC, Jeffrey from the Fashion Office and Ida Myers

(Ida looking fabulous)


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