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With the fall season comes a sense of urgency, the summer is over and the Holiday's are quickly approaching. In the fashion world, fashion weeks are in full swing and market is just around the corner. The LA industry is gearing up for LA Market and LA Fashion Week which Polaris Cosmetics is involved in three shows this season. And to top it off I'm about to release the next issue of The Stylist Handbook which is our winter LA and Blogger issue. I'm so stressed but just completely over come with excitement. I had to share!

(Glimpse from the Winter Issue, Spread by Photographer Tyler Mitchell)

In the midst of all this I have found my outlet within this blog and have started posting religiously. I'm also very excited to have been asked to do interviews about The Stylist Handbook. Its really so cool to me and insanely fulfilling to be asked to do an interview and not be the one doing the interviewing. It makes me that much more excited about the Winter issue because its going to be such an improvement from the Fall issue. Read my interview with Susan Linnet Cox from The Invisible Stylist. Susan is an educator from San Diego and also is contributed to the Winter issue.

(Interview from the Invisible Stylist with Susan Linnet Cox)

None of these great things in my life would be happening without all the wonderful, supportive and good hearted people in my life. In this industry its hard to not get wrapped up in it and if it wasn't for those around me keeping me grounded I wouldn't be here. So thank you for being apart of my life and keeping my ass in line, please don't ever stop. Lots of love!!!!


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