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(The Queen of Windows, ZARA, leading the way)

On a somewhat recent trip to the movies, we had some time to kill so Efren and I decided to take advance of the night (easier to not get major reflection) and get pictures of the current store windows at the Westfield in Century City. The movie we saw was Inception, which was a really good movie and I would totally see it again.

I use to help with the window display when I worked visual display at Banana Republic, which I really enjoyed. The downside was it's dictated by corporate but when I did the monogram windows I had a little more control over the styling. Also, I would always come in and fine tune the styling that came from corporate because the lead would let me because she said it looked better when I did it. Boast boast!

Window styling and display is sooo important because it draws your shoppers in and communicates your message. Here is my take on what we saw and captured:

(I always love Zara's windows and wonder how much is dictated by corporate)

(I always love the LV windows and they are always very consistent with their message)

(I personally hate this window, but I think it speaks to the customer. PS. check out the dude in the yellow shirt, hehe)

(I love how Eileen Fisher's window is clean simple and you can see inside the store, floating clothes is cool too)

(I love this window, its clean, edgy and speaks to their customer so well)

Photographer Efren Beltran
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